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"Deepening our spiritual intelligence helps us experience more love and joy in life, improves our relationships and connects us with the power and wisdom we all have within, awakening our creativity, and enabling us to thrive instead of struggle."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

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SQP-Ep.001 ~ Collaborating With Life in a Very Different Kind of Way (w. Marina Galan)

SQP-Ep.002 ~ Everyone Has a Blue Dot of Innate Well-being (w. Cathy Casey)

SQP-Ep.003 ~ The No-Choice Continuum (w. Sandy Krot)

SQP-Ep.004 ~ A Paradigm Shift for the Field of Psychology (w. Joe Bailey)

SQP-Ep.005 ~ Knowing Our Deeper Dimension Gives Hope (w. Stef Cybichowski)

SQP-Ep.006 ~ Connecting With Truth (w. Michael McDonald)

SQP-Ep.007 ~ Our Impact Extends Beyond Space and Time (w. Shannon Johnson)

SQP-Ep.008 ~ Do Your Best and Spirit Takes Care of the Rest (w. Harry Derbitsky)

SQP-Ep.009 ~ A Lesson About Emotions from a Pane of Glass (w. Wyn Morgan)

SQP-Ep.010 ~ A Conversation with Ezekiel, an Ascended Master (w. Shannon Johnson)

SQP-Ep.011 ~ Gratitude with Love (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.012 ~ Connecting With the Natural Realms (w. Ana Maria Vasquez)

SQP-Ep.013 ~ Secrets of Life and Mind Revealed ~ Lesson 01 (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.014 ~ Secrets of Life and Mind Revealed ~ Lesson 02 (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.015 ~ Secrets of Life and Mind Revealed ~ Lesson 03 (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.016 ~ It’s All Incremental and Have Patience in the Process (w. Zay Pierre)

SQP-Ep.017 ~ The Gentle, Grateful and Joyful Journey (w. Dr. Bill Pettit)

SQP-Ep.018 ~ Gratitude and Love Opens All the Doors (w. Natasha Scott)

SQP-Ep.019 ~ When We Get Into The Flow of Life, Life Delivers (w. Lori Carpenos)

SQP-Ep.020 ~ Guided Meditation ~ 4 Bodies, 9 Chakras, and Spirit Guides (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.021 ~ Past Lives, Life Between Lives, Time and Spirit Guides (w. Scott Fitzgerald de Tamble)

SQP-Ep.022 ~ Sound Healing, Sound Baths and Self Empowerment (w. Danielle Hall)

SQP-Ep.023 ~ Secrets of Life and Mind Revealed ~ Lesson 04 (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.024 ~ Accessing More Creativity and Wisdom in Business and Life (w. Barbara Patterson)

SQP-Ep.025 ~ Secrets of Life and Mind Revealed ~ Lesson 05 (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.026 ~ Secrets of Life and Mind Revealed ~ Lesson 06 (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.027 ~ Maximizing a Past Life or Life Between Lives Regression (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.028 ~ Guided Meditation ~ Healing Sphere of Violet Light (w. Daniel Martinez Stahl)

SQP-Ep.029 ~ Essence Wellness Virtual Summit Invitation (w. Neferisha Johnson)

SQP-Ep.030 ~ Importance of Self Love and Deconstructing Hypnosis (w. Aurora Shele DeAngelis)

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