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"It is infinite, it is beyond time and space. So, not only am I impacting the now, not only impacting the Earth, my family, my animals, all my little interactions here as a human being, I have an impact on infinite reality, infinite knowledge, infinite experience, for all souls to draw upon."

~ Shannon Johnson

  Note: Due to the length of the conversation, this episode is divided into two parts.  

Plus, a bonus channelled message from Spirit can also be found further down the page,
recorded as part of the SQ Community membership.

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power

Welcome to the seventh episode (part one), where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Shannon Johnson (with Spirit) explore:

  • How inner power is choice, that life isn't happening to us, that we are the participant and co-creator of or life.
  • How we are the co-creators of our lives along with Source and others in our lives, through our individual choices.
  • How spirituality is an inner journey of self-discovery, of looking in the mirror with pride for who you are.
  • How discernment is critical to identify what resonates with you and what not to accept or take onboard.
  • How the mark we leave as this personality is experienced by all, and every aspect of Spirit will learn through us.

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Shannon Johnson

 Our Impact Extends Beyond Space and Time ~ Part Two ~ with Shannon Johnson

Welcome to the episode seven continuation (part two), of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Shannon Johnson (with Spirit) explore:

  • How the spiritual journey is about going within, and all our learnings come from within ourselves, a remembrance. 
  • How forgetting about our spiritual past is necessary for us to invest ourselves in our experiences, especially the challenging ones.
  • How our soul chose our body for exactly who we are, and recognizing the perfection in our imperfections is a game changer.
  • How we have an impact on infinite reality, infinite knowledge, infinite experience, for all souls to draw upon.
  • Her book, Stones of Wisdom From the COOL Council

Channelled Message from Spirit (Anna):

  • Excited about where humanity is going, invites us to take a self-care break for 12 lunar cycles. 
  • To include all life beings and nature beings in our practices, helping to extend and support the energy work they are working hard to help transform.
  • A summary of the changes happening on Earth and what's to come.
  • Reminder that music and laughter allows us to connect more easily with them, which makes it easier for them to help us.

Shannon's final message is a reminder that spiritual journeys often lead to changes in those around us, to help us go inside, to find our innate happiness and the world then becomes our playground. 

Reminder: Below is the extra channeled conversation with Spirit, recorded as part of the SQ Community Membership.

Shannon begins by saying that for her, inner power means we have a choice. In everything, how we interact, how we respond, how we look at the world, how the world affects us. It all comes down to the choices that we have and that to her is a very powerful position to be in. When we realize that life isn't happening to us, that we are the participant and co-creator in it, to her that ends up bringing our power back inside. Daniel then asks her to expand on what it means to her that we are co-creators in our lives.

We are co-creators with Source as well as with everyone else on the planet. The choices we make ripple out beyond our individual experience, to others on our planet, to the planet itself and our solar system, and all the way out to the infinite depth of Universal Consciousness. The choices we make create our life and impact the path we take, and the same is true of our co-creators (others in our lives), whose choices also impact where and how our lives intersect. Shannon finishes her thought with, "But the end result, no matter what direction you take, is always going to be perfect, in what it is." Daniel then speaks of the fluidity of fate and destiny as a most probable path.

Daniel then asks Shannon to expand on the idea of learning to trust and to find their own truth about the different elements discussed in spiritual conversations. Shannon speaks of how spirituality is an inner journey of self-discovery, that it's up to you to use your gift of discernment to interpret it, how to understand it, and determine what it means to you, what it brings to you. Listen for the felt sense of recognition, for example, when you get goosebumps or your hairs stand on end, when you feel excited about something that simply feels right. She continues to explain how our Spirit team will put things in our path to help us expand and find answers to our questions about life.

Daniel brings up the subject of using discernment with our spiritual teachers, because some may be pointing in the right direction but could include distortions as well. Shannon specifies that everyone's perception of truth will be based on the kaleidoscope of their experiences. She then speaks about how not everything is for you now, parts may be useful or necessary in the future or even helpful for someone else in your life. Daniel emphasizes the point of listening to our feelings of something not being quite right in the message being taught, so that we don't take on the 5% that feels off, along with the 95% that feels right. Shannon agrees and gives the example of teachers that give absolutes, must do's or have-to's, as a signal to pause and ask yourself some questions. 

Shannon goes expands on how teachings may not be for us, in the now, but could be useful later or may even be for someone else that you know or will meet in the future. How Spirit will use us as a connector to introduce things or others to people that would not have otherwise made the connection. Daniel then expands on the idea that we are exposed to something because it's helpful for us in some unknown way, even if it happens to be toxic. That we cannot judge or tell people they are on the wrong path, because we don't know what they need to learn or experience. Maybe they will need that information in the future or need to learn how to get out of toxic situations on their own, for their own learning and maybe even to be able to help others in the future. 

There are many questions and variables that are happening behind the scenes of life that makes it impossible for us to judge right or wrong. Shannon then reminds us that only humans judge, Spirit will always say there is no wrong path, there is no wrong direction, there is no wrong way to do it. That it's all about the emotional journey and of the exploration. About how we as humans are always seeking perfection instead of recognizing that we are perfect in our imperfection. 

Shannon then speaks about how the mark we leave is based on who we are, who we touched and helped along the way. The mark we leave as this personality is experienced by all Universal Consciousness and every aspect of Spirit will learn through us.

(End of Part 1 and Beginning of Part 2, divided because of the length of the conversation.)

Daniel continues the conversation referencing the idea of looking in the mirror, bringing up the topic once again about how the spiritual process is an inward journey and that all our learnings come from within ourselves, via insight, and not from our teachers. Shannon agrees that it's about a remembering, but that in our human experience, we need to forget because that is what allows us to invest in our experiences more fully. How the spiritual journey is to help us enhance the human experience, not neglect it or go beyond it.

Shannon continues to speak about how our sour chose our body out of millions of options, specifically for who we are and because we are perfect for what our soul wanted to experience in this lifetime. As we learn to accept and appreciate the perfection that we are, with all of our imperfections, the whole game changes. Everything in the reflection begins to change, and everything that begins meeting you in the world begins to change as well. She continues to say it is infinite, it is beyond time and space. Not only are we impacting the now, not only impacting the Earth, our family, our animals, all our interactions as a human being, we have an impact on infinite reality, infinite knowledge, infinite experience, for all souls to draw upon.

Channelled Message From Spirit with Anna from the COOL Council

Anna begins by telling us they are excited about where humanity is going in the future and that we have more shifts ahead, but for now, they suggest we focus on self-care for the next 12 lunar cycles. Music needs to be returned into our lives. We will need to continue to hold space for a while longer; we have been holding space for ourselves, our planet, our solar system, and our milky way. 

We should continue to ground ourselves while the planet goes through some more shifts. Also, as we move into this time of self-care, we should include all of the living beings, the nature beings, into our energetic practices, to help support and extend the energy that they are working hard to transform, which they are more capable of doing than we are. 


We need to replenish the planet, the trees for example, and soften our footprint so that harmony can return to the planet and all the surface beings. They know the work ahead is hard, but we are ready and they are there to assist, however they cannot do it for us, we are the ones that are here to execute the plan. 

Daniel then asks Anne to speak about the shift that is happening on Earth at the moment. Anne speaks of how we are moving into a balance between the masculine and feminine energy, that we will shift to a point where off-worlders can return to help us evolve, and that science and spirituality are going to marry into one. 

Anne then goes into detail on how expansive our individual self-healing is to everything in our universe as well as beyond space and time, to other timelines and other dimensions. Not to be afraid and to remember that there is no wrong way. That as we go into our heart space, we will find everything we have been looking for outside of ourselves. 

Her final message is to inform us that we can always use music and laughter to connect with them and allow them to help us at any time. When we laugh or listen to something we enjoy, it gives our soul a deep breath, and it allows us to put the heaviness aside, and in doing so, it allows us to continue going forward. They love us and encourages us to walk with our heads up high because we "are rocking it."

Shannon takes a little time to reacquaint and reconnect with herself, Daniel speaks of Anne's subtle British accent as a simple talking point while Shannon finds herself again. Shannon's final words speak to those beginning in their spiritual journey, that it will likely cause shifts in the people around them and that this typically happens to help them go within. As they become more whole in who they are and they become more happy in themselves, how they relate to other will change and the rest of the world becomes a playground.

SQP-Ep.010 ~ A Conversation with Ezekiel, an Ascended Master (w. Shannon Johnson)

This recording (directly below) is only part of the conversation I had with Shannon and Ezekiel when they were guest speakers in the SQCommunity membership back in June 2021. It was such a powerful conversation that I wanted to share it as a bonus to the SQ Podcast conversation with Shannon. (I've since released it as it's own episode, with it's own description page as well.)

About Shannon Johnson:

Shannon Johnson is a gifted Medium, Author, Reiki Master and Pranic Healer, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical Facilitator, with over 20 years experience working with Spirit. She is a retired Certified Massage and Bodywork therapist, which aids her in her energy healing work, whether in person or via distance. Shannon blends many healing modalities along with her work with Spirit for every client to bring more joy to life.

The information in her book, Stones of Wisdom from the COOL Council, is invaluable to anyone wanting to know more about why you chose you, the life planning process, as well as in-depth look at healing and healers currently on the planet. On her YouTube channel, she offers deep guided meditations, which were created with her Spirit team, to assist others in connecting with their own loved ones and Spirit teams.

Website: https://ladyastral67.wixsite.com/home
Facebook: @ladyastral67
YouTube: Shannon Johnson Channel

Book: Stones of Wisdom From The COOL Council


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(SQP-Ep.007 ~ Our Impact Extends Beyond Space and Time ~ w. Shannon Johnson)
Editor Note: Minor edits have been made from the original audio recording for easier reading.

(opening intro music begins)

Intro Text: Welcome to the spiritual intelligence podcast, Awakening your inner power with Daniel Martinez Stahl, where we will explore, discover and integrate different aspects of our spiritual and human nature, so that we can all thrive and live life with more grace and ease, instead of struggle.

(intro music fades away)

Daniel: So, welcome to the Spiritual Intelligence Podcast once again, my name is Daniel Martinez (Stahl) and with me today is Shannon Johnson. Shannon Johnson is a friend of mine, that — I don't even know how to begin to describe the admiration and the appreciation that I feel for my friendship with her. And, she and I did an interview or conversation for my membership group about a month ago and the conversation was so powerful that I decided to open that up, or parts of it, open parts of that up to the community at large. So, as part of this podcast, in the description of this episode, you will find the recording of that conversation where Shannon and I speak about our spirit guides, our spirit counsel, what they are. And then we go into a conversation where we connect with Spirit and I asked various questions about, what I would consider kind of the basic questions about why we are here, what is the relationship between our body and our soul, what is, what is, what is. So it's a beautiful, very powerful — at least for me it was very powerful — conversation, which I would invite you to to listen to. So, having said that. Shannon Johnson, welcome. I would love for you to just give us a small little introduction as to who you are and what you do and then we can come and go from there.

Shannon: Thanks for having me today Daniel. I appreciate it. I am a metaphysical facilitator and what that means is that I use many different tools to help you connect to Spirit and help you understand and assist your life journey, to have more joy and navigate life a little bit better. So, I am a medium, I am a reiki master, pranic healer, past life regressionist, as well as probably a few other things that I haven't even thought of yet. I'm also an author and, you know, all of these parts assist me in helping people be able to be a little more joyful in their life. So, it's been quite a journey in my life to get to this point. This was not the career I moved into. It was the one that Spirit brought me to. So, I come from a very high business background of accounting and office management in the hospitality industry.

And then Spirit came in the door one day and said, "hey we're moving you in a different direction, you need to pay attention to your health, you need to change your life and put yourselves in the driver's seat, start taking care of yourself and we're going to begin this work with you." So, it's a — once they walked in the door, how can you say no? And it's been an adventure ever since.

Daniel: I can relate, as I'm beginning my adventure, I feel. Though I've always been very spiritually focused and I've always been interested in a lot of aspects of what I consider spirituality, it's only been recently that I've been, what I would refer to as, connecting directly with Spirit. Though my direct connections are not as direct as they are with you, at least not yet and we'll see where and when that happens. But, so thank you, I am honored to have you here and I'd like to start by asking you a question that I use as an opener to my show and that is, what would it mean to you to say that we have inner power?

Shannon: What does it mean to me? It means we have a choice. In everything, how we interact, how we respond, how we look at the world, how the world affects us. It all comes down to the choices that we have and that to me is a very powerful position to be in. So I like that. It ends up being a very powerful place to be and really brings that inner power, that "I'm not just existing in the world, I'm actually — I have a part in the script that's important." You know.

Daniel: Yes, that's lovely, I love that, and I would love to get you to speak a little bit more about what you mean by where the co-creators and this is important from me because, as you know and as the listeners know, a big part of my influence in my spiritual understanding comes from a Three Principles description of life, and within that description of big part of what we talked about is that our experience is created from the inside out. It is created through us by the spiritual energy of life, it is a transient experience and it is because of our thought — and Thought at a higher level Thought, not just the thinking that we have in our personal mind, but the power and energy of Thought that makes it possible for us to interact and to interpret and to experience, that we cannot experience without it. And what it ends up turning into is an understanding around the fact that we are creating our experience and our experience is being created through us, not at us. So, I would love for you to speak more about that from your experience, in your language.

Shannon: Yeah, I say co-creator because I'm one of many on the planet. So everybody is a creator, and so we are all co-hosts, we are all co-creators together. My choices also impact everyone that I'm connected to and the chain continues out in the waters. The pebble in the pond that creates the ripple out. So, my choices in my creation, that I am doing, also impacts everybody else around me, including the energy of creation. So, if we look at the universal life force as a co-creator in the process as well. So, we made some life plans, we looked at some soul contracts before we came in our little meat suit, and said, "Hey, I want to experience some of these things and I want to meet up with some of you guys," but once your in the human experience, we have our amnesia sets in around the age 6-7 years old and we forget what the plan is. But it's still in the ethers, it's still within the energy. But it's also, we have free will of choice in how we navigate the course once we're here. So the choices in my creation of my life, they are the creator. They are my co-creations to connect with other people and I may decide to make a left hand turn out of that right hand turn that's going to introduce me to someone that I set up prior to coming here. But that doesn't mean that just because I took the left and now I'm not going to line up with that intersection for that person, because I'm co-creating, it just means that intersection is going to have to move in a different way.

Because my co-creator is also making choices, they're also co-creating, and so eventually those intersections are going to find their way. They are just going to come in a different way, in a different time, then what we originally thought could happen. Because what we put out is what is going to end up being the form, the creative form. Does that make sense?

Daniel: Yes it does, it does. I love the idea of...

Shannon: So it doesn't mean that the things you want to be in, that meaty stuff, doesn't mean it's not going to happen, it's just that we're making choices that are going to influence our creation. So, every choice influences the directions in the pathways of how we get to there. But the end result, no matter what direction you take, is always going to be perfect, in what it is.

Daniel: So, there's a couple things and I want to touch on that. First of all I love the idea of our destiny being, or fate being, a more probable path. As opposed to being something that's fixed in stone. That's my personal belief, is that there is a fate involved and there is a destiny involved but that it isn't as fixed as I once thought or as I think society thinks of fate and destiny as being one exact thing. I think that there's — I love the idea of it being a more probable future; the most possible direction that is likely to happen. But then because of our choices that we make and because of fluctuations of other elements involved, other variables, that aspect of our experience shifts. And, like you say it'll shift in a way that's appropriate for what has happened. (Shannon: hm) And if something is fated to happen, it will find a way of making it back into our lives and into our path and into our journey. It'll just come in, like you say, in a different way than what was originally planned. And I love that, that flexibility of perceiving fate and destiny and purpose and direction. So I love that. But what I would love for you to speak a little bit more about is your last comment about — and I just lost it. (both begin laughing) So, we're not going to go in that direction apparently. That just got taken out of my mind. (continue laughing) (Shannon: yeah)

So, let me ask you about your journey a little bit more. For people that are either starting out on a spiritual path or they've always been interested in spirituality but find themselves getting exposed to things that they never thought was possible; the idea of spirit guides and councils and advisers and, I mean we all know and we've all spoken about the idea of soulmates and so there's that kind of common term that's understood. But very few people are aware of the relationship that we have with other spiritual advisers that are helping us and guiding us. We talk about angels but the relationship that I am learning about is a much more intimate much more personal much more specific relationship, where there are spiritual advisors that are not only invested in my personal development, are guiding me and supporting me throughout that process, but are also kind of like my best friends and my mates, my partners in this journey.

And the whole complexity, I was just talking with someone about the complexity of how we are the spark of our higher self, and our higher self is a spark of Source, (Shannon: uh ha) there's multiple sources that are available or that exists, which seems to me to indicate that they're the spark of something higher than them. Using a hierarchy structure. So there's this whole complexity into the spirit world, which is fascinating but also can be a bit daunting and a bit (Shannon begins laughing) kind of, "Oh my God, I can't believe this is real." So I would love for you to speak a little bit about, how does one start getting to grips with this? And maybe the best question to ask is, what's the best way for people to — I don't want to say believe it because I'm not trying, and I don't think you are either, we're not trying to tell anybody how life is or how things are, as a "believe what I say." This is a process of finding your own truth. (Shannon: Yes) But there is that element where a friend of mine will say, "How do you know that?" For example, you speak with Spirit directly and how can I trust that that's genuine? How can I trust that my Spirit guides are real? So, I would love for you to speak to that if you could.

Shannon: Sure. So, to me the spiritual journey is personal. Ok, when we look at religions, right. You usually have someone who is taking information that has been documented or written by other people, their observations, their interpretations and then you're sitting in it, you're reading it, you're interpreting it for yourself. You may be in church and your pastor is interpreting the messages for you and he's giving his speech of how he feels it reflects to you. For me with spirituality, there is no one else out there that is really going to be telling you who — how to interpret it, how to understand it, what it means to you, what it brings to you. It's a self-discovery. It's an inner journey. And yes, there's a lot of fabulous material out there by different authors and different guru teachers and things like that. And for me it was really having to use discernment and really paying attention to what I was reading and what I was listening to.

So when it resonates, when you get that feeling in your body, in your — a natural reaction to it, like goosebumps, you know, like suddenly the hair is standing up on you arms when you are reading this material and you are going, and you're questioning at the same time because of course the logical human brain wants to categorize and it needs to make things make sense, and yet the right side of the brain, the creative side is going, "Yes! Yes! Oh my God, yes!" and you're like, "ahhhhhh," you're in the middle. That's when you know. That's when it feels like, "Hey, you know what, this is saying something to me that feels right." I don't need to know that it's exactly right. But when it feels like, this is talking to a part of me that I've never noticed before. Something is sitting up and saying, "Wow, listen, this feels good, this feels right." That is when you know, keep going with it.

I was not raised in any kind of formal religions. My parents were Catholic and they left the Catholic Church before I was born, and my mother was very much a seeker. But she loved to read so she would have a lot of different books, and I would ask questions. As a child, I was very curious about things, and for me when it didn't make sense in the way it was being explained to me, I would have to just leave it alone. I would have a lot of premonitions as well, back then. So when I started looking for material, seeking that little bit after I became a mom in my twenties, I had no clue yet about really how the whole thing worked. Right?

But, I went to a meditation class with my mom and it was held at a bookstore, and they were like, "All the books are on sale." I love to read. I went to the shelves and there was this one book. I didn't even read the back cover. It just stood out to me, like, "Hey, you should buy me." (she chuckles) This is like back in ‘98, you know, spirituality was not in the topics of the world yet. And this book stood out. It said, "Buy me." I was like, ok, I'll buy this book. I showed it to my mom, like "This looks kinda cool." It was called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. (https://amzn.to/3vcl3T9)

I read that book and I was doing the happy dance, because for once I was reading material that was resonating. I'm going, "Yes! oh my gosh, this makes so much sense to me, why couldn't we have this before?" And that's when you know. When you read material, or you hear material and it's like, your insides are just going, "Yeah, oh my God here it is, this makes so much sense, how can you deny it?" And everything in you is just like, elated with it. You know, follow it, go with it.

I was so excited with that book back in ‘98, I was like, "Mom! Check this out! This makes sense." And she read it, and she came back to me and said, "Yes, let's sit down and talk." You know, for me and that's when you know. When you're hearing a guru talk, when you pick up that book or when it's kind of like put in front of you, and says "buy me." You may not really know what, or have a clue about it, but something inside of you is going, "Grab it, now, now is your time.” That's your spirit team, they're going, "Baby, you're ready for it, bring it. We're putting it out here for you, are you going to pick it up? You've been asking these questions, we hear them.”

You may be in church, going, "Hm, my pastor today is off on a tangent that I just can't relate to," and then you go home and there's a video that keeps showing up. That keeps showing up, and you're like, "get off my screen." That's your spirit team going, "Hey, pay attention, you might want to look at this, you were just sitting there going 'this does not talk to me,' here is something that will talk to you. Those questions you were asking, here's something that's going to spark that inquisition." So when we start asking the questions, is when they start going, "here's the answers that you're asking me about, are you going to pay attention and open it? Are you going to look at it? If you're not ready it's okay, but we're still going to leave it on the table for you."

And you may have to go off on a little tangent for a little bit, on something else, and then it's going to come right back and they're going to bring it back. And they're going to put it back down in front of you again saying, "are you ready look? Cuz you've been asking these questions in your mind. We hear it in your heart all the time. Now are you ready to discover it?" And that's when you know, because when you open it up and you start reading at where you start listening to it and your heart starts talking to your mind and going, "Yeah, see how this feels?" That's your clue, keep going.

Daniel: Something that I would love for you to speak a little bit more about, is the idea of our discernment, and the reason that I bring this up is because I know that there are people out there that are following a spiritual teacher that may be expanding their horizons and opening up all kinds of new experiences, releasing hurts and pains from the past, but there's still some element of distortion in the message that the teacher is teaching because of their own — because of where they are and what they haven't yet seen. And I'm trying to be very tactful here because I'm trying to — I want to respect everybody's journey, and we are all on our path, and we are all on, like you say, wherever we are is perfect. (Shannon: uh ha) Whatever we're doing is perfect, for that moment, for that experience. And our particular journey might take us into the path of a spiritual teacher that is great in many ways but then has these issues that just aren't quite aligned with truth.

Shannon: Well, let's see. The word truth, right there, is a little part of the equation because everyone has their own perception of truth based on the kaleidoscope of their experiences. So, there's Truth that has its own frequency and resonance, and then there's every other person's version of truth because their truth is true to them, based on their experiences and the kaleidoscope that they're using to view from. So, to me discernment is one of the most fabulous tools that we as a human have available to us. And, really it's that, what for you in the moment, if it's kind of having that off sound, that off feeling of like, "You know, I hear what you saying but..." and you're like, "ouhhhh? not sure." That's your discernment being used. That's discernment saying, "Hey, maybe that's not for you right now." Doesn't mean it's wrong. Doesn't mean that it doesn't have value. Means it's not for you right now. It may be for another time. It may not be for you at all. But that doesn't mean that the tool or the teaching or whatever that is, does not have truth and value to it. Just means it does not resonate for that individual. Spirits like, "Yeah, that's not quite for you."

It may come into play later, it may not, it may be just so that you have an awareness of it. That's why you needed to be exposed to it, to understand that there are these other tools out there, that perhaps are not for you, but they may come in play for somebody else that you know, or perhaps don't know and you're like talking and going well, "You know, I know there's these other things out there." So, to me everything has a value. It may not be for me personally, but I like to explore. I'm a person who loves to gather knowledge. I've often been told that I'm called a bringer of knowledge because I explore a lot of many things, whether they are for me or not. And then I end up — people finding me and being like, "well I really need..." and I started listening or I have Spirit come in and they're like, "hey, you know, you were looking at this, but you might want to look at that, because this might be more for you right now, and then you can move to that, right?"

So, there is always going to be a range, in need and tools that will resonate for the different needs of the time and the different people. So, I like to look for those things because what may work for me may not work for five other people I know. They all may need five different other types of tools than what works for me. You see? So, that's why I see a lot of different spiritual teachers out there that are also different. They all bring something different to the table and whether it's an ancient technique or something brand new that's created, they all have value. Because what works for me, I may need the combination of a little bit of that one, and a little bit of this one, and a little bit over here. But not that full structure of one teaching. Because for me I find the structure of one teaching does not work, for me personally. I need a lot of different methods.

And in current times, the way our humanity is moving and what has come into play. There are more and more of us that are needing a very unique eclectic way of discovering ourselves, of healing, of exploring our spiritual journeys. So, the variety I think is a good thing because it allows everybody to find the pieces from different teachings that work for them, in the now, and then they can continue to build on that in different ways. That kind of makes sense on how that...?

Daniel: Yeah, it makes perfect sense. One of the things of discernment that I guess I want to emphasize is, if you're working with a spiritual teacher or you're on a particular journey or path that has enlightened aspects of your experience, has awoken aspects of your experience, but if there is a subset of that teaching that doesn't feel right, pay attention to that part too. (Shannon: uh ha) Don't pay attention just to the things that make you feel good about what is being presented to you. Also pay attention to your own wisdom that's trying to tell you, "this doesn't feel quite right," (Shannon: yes) "this doesn't feel like it's going in the right direction." And the way that we know that is through our feelings. We will have a felt sense of what feels right to us and what doesn't. (Shannon: uh ha, yes) And if something feels 95% right and 5% doesn't, I'm learning to pay more — I'm learning to pay as much attention to that 5% that doesn't so that I don't take that 5% with the 95 as being the message. I recognize that there might be part of the message that doesn't resonate with me, that I don't agree with that I don't have to take on for myself.

Shannon: Exactly, you don't have to take that on. I tell clients a lot of times if you're listening to, if you have a teacher or a guru that you really like but they're telling you, "This is the absolutes, you have to do this, it has to be this way, you must follow this," Um, that's when you need to pause. Hit the pause button and go, "hm?" and start asking yourself some questions.

Yeah, a lot of us have a mix and I find that the mix is really valuable right now because we have a very large mix of souls on the planet. We have a lot of them that don't usually come to Earth right now. So, the variety really helps navigate a little bit better, but at the same time, yes you have to pay attention to that other percentage that they're presenting that is not quite resonating. And, like I said, it may be something that in the now is just like, "yeah, no, this doesn't work for me," and that's fine. You don't forget it, you just go, "okay so this part right now is not for me, and I'm going to set it down, to the side. I'm not forgetting about it, I'm not ignoring it, but I am going to set it to the side."

It may come back into play later, it may not, it may be something that you needed to have an awareness of because there might be somebody else that shows up in the path that then you're like, "oh, you know you — I'm really feeling like you might want to go listen to this teacher, because that stuff that I sat down, that wasn't for me, I feel like it might be for you." I've had that happen to me many many times.

I love to network with other teachers, other gurus, other spiritual adventures, from the beginner to the well advanced, because what one brings to the table, may not be for me, in the now, but it might be for somebody else you end up connecting with. And I've had it happen many times in reading sessions or other conversations that all of a sudden, Spirit's like throwing somebody's name in front of my face or their image and keeps going "hello, this person? Remember this person? The person you're talking to, share that, get it out of your mouth, tell them about them, we want them to move towards this, help." You're the person that can connect it. They may not have discovered that teacher or that book, or that video or podcast or whatever, if you don't voice it. You're getting moved to talk about it for a reason. Here again Spirit loves to help us help others as well. So, it may be brought to your table and you're kind of like, "hm, I don't know what to do with this," or "OK, part of this like, it works for me but par to this doesn't so I'm going to set it aside," but eventually there's usually going to be someone that is showing up in your life and Spirit is going to be like, "Hey, remember that? You needed to learn about that so that you can tell this person." That's why you needed to know about it, so it was never really yours. You were the carrier to bring it over to somebody else, and hand it off, because that's what they're going to need and they're not going to be able to find it on their own. So, Spirit is going to use you as the connector to that other one.

And I've had it happen for years. (begins laughing) Not just in spiritual teachings, I've had it happen with people, just people. Like I meet people all the time and it's like, "oh, you're so nice, nice to meet you," we have nothing in common, we may only barely know each other and then here are 2-3 years later, I meet somebody else and they're like, all of a sudden I'm getting tapped on the shoulder from Spirit going, "Hey, hey, remember so-and-so? These two people need to meet, help them meet, you're the connecting dot to help that intersection come together." This is another area that Spirit will go, "Hey, hey you, pay attention, see that feeling you're getting up your back? This is why, and you're hearing, you're suddenly hearing your old friend's name you're like, "what the hell is that person got to do with this person?" Don't question it, be like "hey, you know I got this friend..." (begins laughing) "you might want to meet my friend, I'm not setting you up, but for some reason I feel like you guys might be able to connect, there's something that might be able to help you." You make the introductions and then you step back and let Spirit do its thing.

It's incredible to watch and end up realizing that, "Oh, that was why I had to go and attend that class," because I needed to meet these people, I had no idea, I mean it's not like we were besties, but here I am sitting five years later, and Spirit is going, "Yeah, do you remember those people? Those people we just talked about five years ago? Here's your reason why, here's why you needed that information," because now you're in the situation that that's being brought back up again, or those people are being brought back up again and now the connections can get put into play.

Daniel: (pause) There's a side shoot of that that I would like to go into a little bit and you talked about learning something or being exposed to something because it's something that we need to learn about that we will then utilize in the future. (Shannon: hm ha) And, I'll be very specific here about what I have in mind. I have a friend of mine who is on a spiritual journey that has transformed their life, but the teacher is also embedding ideas of anger and frustration and destruction towards societies and communities and companies, corporations. So there's a distortion of the higher message, and what's really been interesting for me lately, and this is the reason I want to bring it up is, as I am learning more about how we go on our individual paths and journeys, it is very easy for me to say, "You're on the wrong path, get off that path, that person is destructive, that person is toxic for you, though they may be feeding you all kinds of beautiful things about your higher self and your spirituality, it's toxic because it comes with a conditional assignment of being angry towards culture, being angry towards our society, being angry towards etcetera, etcetera, etcetera." (Shannon: hm ha)

And then, I am learning more and more that we are put on these paths because we need to experience that for some reason or another, and it is not my place to say "it's toxic get out," it is my place as a friend or as a brother or as an acquaintance to say, "Hey, this is a flag that pops up in my mind, just keep that — you know, this is something that I'm responding to a little bit myself, just as a information for you to then take that on board and to question it yourself," but it's not my place to say, "you're in the wrong place." (Shannon: Right) And that's something that is really hard for me. (both begin laughing) I'm learning, I'm getting better at that. But it's really important because I think that it's really valuable to recognize that even if we go on these toxic paths, there's a reason behind it. There's are need, there's a reason why I needed to go on that toxic path so that I could learn what's available, what it's about, that it even exists, because five years later I'm going to be in a situation where that knowledge and that experience is going to be useful, and/or because I needed to learn how to get out of it myself, (Shannon: Yes) and take that ownership. Because later on, that's going to be useful for whatever it is that I need to do or for how I'm going to be helping other people, as in, because I had that experience of being in a toxic environment and this is how I got out, I can then help others find their own way out.

So, there's all these questions and variables that are happening behind the scenes of life that makes it impossible for us to judge right or wrong. It's impossible for us to judge, whether or not any one of us is on the right path, the right journey, and it's just incredibly freeing to recognize that. (Shannon: yeah) Not only for ourselves, that we don't have to judge where we are. We don't have to judge and criticize and kick ourselves for making wrong choices and for making wrong decisions, it's about a learning process, it's about a learning journey, it's about the experience of that. And that there's some value that is completely beyond our awareness, there's some value of that, that's going to come into play, or that has already come into play that we're not recognizing. (Shannon: hm ha) So, I just wanted to kind of bring that up.

Shannon: And Spirit, you know, they're always like, there is no wrong path, there is no wrong direction, there is no wrong way to do it. It's all in the adventure, it's all in the experience, it's all in the perception of how you're seeing it. Because for them that's about the experience, it's about the emotional journey, of the exploration. It's about what it brought to the table that we wouldn't have found before. We as humans, we judge it, we look at it as good, bad, evil, perfect. We're always seeking a perfection rather than accepting that we are perfect in our imperfectness.

You know, when you can really look at the life journey and go, "Yeah, damn that was a hell of a ride, look at all of the twists and turns that were presented in my life and I navigated them, and I made it through, and yeah I've made some choices that we're kind of like 'hmm, yeah if I had to look at it again, I may not have gone that way.'" But you went that way, on purpose, you made that choice. Every choice, every adventure, every trauma brought you to who you are in the now, and the biggest thing I can say is that the spiritual journey brings you to that point of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, "You know what? I'm pretty awesome! I navigated all this harshness, all this suffering," and I can look in the mirror and say, "you know what? we're still standing, I can still laugh every day, I can love every day, I'm still here and I'm still kicking it, and I'm going to kick life's ass all the way to the grave, cuz when when I get back to Spirit and I have to look at my life review and that's where your judgment comes in, you, yourself looking at your own life. I want to be able to watch something that's going to make me laugh and cry and be like, "Yeah! Look at that! Look at all of the people that I got to meet, that I said hello to, that I made laugh, that I made cry." Then I can go, "Yeah, let's go do that shit again." So, if that's what the spiritual journey can bring to your life, is that you can finally look in the mirror and say, "you know what? We're okay, I like this person, I like the person in the reflection, we've gone to all these things, and I can still laugh and love today and I'm a good person."

Events do not define me, they are a part of my life history that I'm bringing to the table and everybody in Spirit is going to learn from this. That's something that we don't realize in our human selves, it's not just about the human experience and what we're leaving here as our mark. Right? Everybody's like "I want to leave my mark on humanity, I want to leave my stamp on the Earth. (chuckles) You can't bring the big house, your statue and all this stuff stays down here baby. It has no value. What really leaves the mark of who you are, is everybody that you intersected and touched, and when we can realize that, and that who you are is the true value of your being, while you are present. Everybody in the universe is going to also learn from who you are and who you marked, and who you touched, and who you intersected with. And that becomes a really, like, mind bending moment, when you think about it, that "that's my imprint on the Earth? well then maybe I need to be paying better attention about how I intersect with people, how I interact with, not only myself, but everybody else around me."

Yes, you've got adversaries. Of course, that's what the Earth school is about, but you have the choice yourself in how you interact with that as well. And that's the imprint you are going to leave here, that's the mark, as this personality. And hopefully it's going to ripple out enough that you're going to want to come back and do it again. Cuz it's not just the mark you're leaving here on the Earth, it's also the mark that you are leaving on the entire Universal Consciousness. This personality, this is who they were, this is how they touched in that life, this is their memories. Everyone in the universe is learning through you.

Daniel: I think that that's a very powerful thing to recognize and to even contemplate...

(End of Part 1 and Beginning of Part 2, divided because of the length of the conversation.)

...and something that I wanted to highlight, in something you said about looking in the mirror. This journey that were on is an inward journey, and it is a personal journey, and something that has already been mentioned a couple times in past episodes within the podcast, but I think it's relevant to bring up again is that, our learnings come from within ourselves, our learnings come from our insights, from our experience. Not what some other teachers tell you. The insights and the learnings come from within you, from what resonates in you, from what awakens in you. The teacher might have helped you look in the right direction, and what somebody says, have it be myself or Shannon or anybody else, might have helped you to recognize something new, but it's not what we say that's relevant, it's not the power that we have that's relevant. The power comes from within you. That's where the relevance is (Shannon: uh ha) and that's something that I continue learning more and more, it's just coming across me so strongly recently that I wanted to reiterate that. That this is an individual, internally-generated experience of life (Shannon: yes) and our learnings come from that same direction as well, (Shannon: uh ha) our insights, our understanding, it all comes from what we already know within ourselves that is awakened, where amnesia is stripped away, where however-you-want-to-describe-it, but we are the ones that have the knowledge already, that it's just being exposed.

Shannon: Yes, yes it's just a remembering. (Daniel: yeah) You know? But when we are in the human form, we need to forget for a while because that's how we are going to be able to get in the meat of the experiences. Right? I've had a lot of people ask me before, you know, "Why do we have to have this amnesia? I'd much rather know about all my past lives and what my mission is, and my soul contract, and all that stuff." But see, when you have the knowing of that information, you're not going to invest in yourself in the way that you would. You aren't going to invest in those harsher experiences, and that's also an area that a lot of people struggle with on the spiritual path. Because there are people out there in the spiritual journey who will say that once you reach a point in the spiritual journey, you shouldn't be angry anymore, you shouldn't be fearful anymore, you should be able to walk and talk and be on this level like you're something above or beyond the human experience. And, whenever I hear something like that I tell people, "No, no," and I walk away because that's not what Spirit has shown it to me. They're like, the spiritual journey is to enhance the human experience, it is so that you will allow yourself to fully invest in this, in the feelings, because that's where the value is. So, you know, if you have someone saying, "oh, you should be like this, you should always be resonating at 5D, da da da da da, and you shouldn't be angry anymore, and you shouldn't let those things affect you, and don't get into those arguments," and I'm going to call Bull Hockey. No, that's not the deal at all.

Your spiritual journey helps you to embrace who you are, not only as a human but as a soul, that your soul chose this person, this avatar. You had millions to choose from. You sat in that life planning session and you looked at the different people and the opportunities presented, and you went, "you know what? That one! That's the one I want to be. That one is going to do, that's got the meat that I need, that's got the build, the shape, the family genealogy, the ancestral lineage. All that meat." From the way you look, personality, all of it and went "That's the ticket, that's the vessel I want to be this time because that's going to give me the best experience for what I'm wanting to dive into. And this personality is going to be able to bring so much to the table for me, and all of my co-participants and my guide team as well. Right? Because they're also like, "hey, you're my assignment, we've got to help work on these things, yeah, that's the one, yeah, I like that."

When we're in our lives, especially in the early years, we're getting so much indoctrination from our human societies and structures, and we close off this part of ourselves, and we become very judgmental. We are very hard on who we are, because we are hearing it from all these other external outlets in our world, on our planet. From the news, the TV shows, you named it. Especially now in our technological world we're getting even more of it, and a lot of that is negative: you're not doing this right; you're not eating that right; you should be walking like this; your structure should be like that; your house should be like this; if you're a successful person you need to have this in your life, right? Not realizing that the true success in life is the every person that you touch, the person that you make smile, and the person that you make laugh and cry, the stranger you helped on the street and handed them a hamburger in that moment. That's success. That's true success. Not all these other little tears that humans like to tell us is success.

And, so that's why the reflection in the mirror is one of the biggest moments in the spiritual journey. When you first looked in the mirror and all you did was pick apart everything that you saw, "oh I need a haircut, oh my god I've got a gray hair, oh I wish my cheeks were a little more like this, my nose is too big, my eyes are like this, my boobs are too big, blablablabla." You know, and we're dissecting the image. Because we have this external world showing us that "if you want to be perfect, if you want to be accepted, this is the outer screen that you need to meet, and the whole time Spirit’s going, "Hello, look in the mirror, because this is the perfection that you chose, that is not real, this is real."

So, when Spirit goes look in the mirror, it's so that you can begin to see that you are more than what you perceive yourself to be and that inward journey begins the true essence of healing, and taking off the labels that life, or loved ones, or interactions have given you. Because as humans we like to label and categorize, and that's when we end up seeing ourselves as bad, needing to be fixed, this is wrong with you. And we take those as the answers for our choices, for our actions, for the reaction of what's coming into our lives. Because what we're reflecting out from inside is nothing but an unhappiness with everything that's in the reflection.

So that spiritual journey is bringing you within, it’s so that you can see that everything that you are looking at internally is what is reflecting out externally, and it is also what is being drawn to you energetically. That same stuff that you see inside of you is what keeps reappearing in your life. So when you begin that energy and go, "you know what, yeah this is my connection to my creator, it's not external from me, it's right here inside, that's how I get there, and when I begin to see that the creator, and I am the co-creator of this, I am the spark, I am part of divine, I am not separate from it, I am it." That is the "I am" that we always hear about in the spiritual talk, and when we rediscover that inside, and we begin to see the beauty in the reflection, and we take that beauty and we hold it inside and go, "yeah, this is us, this is who I am truly, all this other shit is not real, these labels, these markers of my traumas, of my suffering, of who who other's define me as, are not real." And you begin to strip them off, and go, "No, they are part of my experiences but they do not define who I am, this inside defines who I am, this is me and this is what I am bringing out, and this is what I'm showing into the world."

The whole game changes, everything in the reflection begins to change, and everything that begins meeting you in the world begins to change as well. Because that energy, your inner power, of embracing all of your insanity inside is now shining and it's bright, and it's brilliant, and it's beautiful in its imperfections. And it allows the world to come and meet you in that space. That, to me, is such a gift that the spiritual journey can bring you. When you realize that moment, that your soul said "yeah, that's who's going to rock it for me," and then you being to see it differently and you go, "You know what, hey, I'm still rocking it, I'm still here, now I need to pay better attention to how I use this power within me and how I ripple out into the rest of the world from here forward, because I now realize I am creating this, I am helping others through my own creation, and I am perfect, exactly as I am, all the scars and everything else, they are a part of the beauty of the painting, that I am as a person, and this imprint, this beauty with all of it's messy messy stuff inside, when I go home, to Spirit and the Akash takes this information in, how many other people am I going to be helping at that point?" It is infinite, it is beyond time and space. So, not only am I impacting the now, not only impacting the Earth, my family, my animals, all my little interactions here as a human being, I have an impact on infinite reality, infinite knowledge, infinite experience, for all souls to draw upon.

And it also is kind of a little overwhelming when you realize that too. Because then you kind of go, "oh, ahh, um, maybe I need to be a little more attentive when I'm making some of my decisions, or when I'm being judgmental of others," right? Now you kind of go, "Oh, I'm judgementing something very harshly and we're going to pause and look at it." Where before, in your life, you would have just been like, running right over it like a train, "Yeah, that's trash, brrrrrrrrrrrr, not for me, brrrrrrrrrrrr, going to keep charging through." (chuckles)

Daniel: So, I am aware of the time and we've gone a little bit longer than an hour. I normally ask people to share something to end the conversation with. So I'm going to open that up to you, but I'm also going to be a little bit selfish.

Shannon: OK (and begins laughing)

Daniel: So, there's two things that I would love to do. I would love to speak to you a little bit about — okay so you've got this amazing book, which I repeatedly reference within my own conversations and within my own understanding of, of our experience here on Earth, which of course I will include in the description of the episode. But I would love for you to speak a little bit about that, and to the listeners I apologize that this is going to be a longer conversation than our normal. This is what always happens with Shannon and I (Daniel speaks with a grin on his face and Shannon laughs). And I would love for us to finish with, if there is a message from Spirit that is wanting to get out. And it doesn't necessarily have to be. I'm perfectly comfortable with it not happening, but I would love to open up that space because I know that sometimes your connections, your council, likes to have opportunities to share something. So, I would love for both of those things to happen. For us to talk about your book, finish up with anything that you would like to say and then I would love to open it up for Spirit to share something with us, if they feel so moved.

Shannon: Um, the book, my goodness. Stones of Wisdom from the COOL Council (https://amzn.to/3n7z9SJ). So, COOL is an acronym for Chief Overseers of Life planning. And they were originally introduced to me as the Soul Contract Lawyers, and because humans have such problems with lawyers, and the name, and the term of lawyers we had asked them about using something different and they adopted the COOL Council as a fun acronym to describe them.

But, they're a group of 10 different beings that are all from different areas of the life planning process. Four of them are called Elders, they used one of the other members as they're speaking post. But the book was really to help people understand: why they chose who they are, and that there was, there's a lot of work that goes into life planning, and making these choices of why we incarnated, why our soul chose who we are; why did we choose Earth right now, you know, what's going on on the planet that seems to be so important; why do we feel like we have this rushed timeline going on; what's happened on Earth before; and where do they see Earth going in the future, you know, as well. They wanted to be able to bring this information forward. They said it's time, it's time for humans to begin to see beyond their humanity and that they're A) the, like we spoke about earlier, the importance of accepting who you are and why you chose you, all the way into how you are a — you know, your life plan is not just about you, it's about you and your community and your family, and all the way up to the big global stage. That every person has an impact, an imprint, in how this all goes forward.

There's also a part two of the book, which is about healers and healing and they wanted this brought forward because they wanted us to realize that many of us incarnated have an attribute of healing available. This might be something that your soul is in-depth studying at home, cuz we like to learn things and do things. But this has also been a chosen time of using this type of energy as a collective. From the individual to the collective, and how to help you heal you, in the now. Whether it's from life traumas or spiritual confusion, whatever it happens to be. But giving us tools of, OK, the Western doctor is not able to diagnose this. What are we doing? What's going on? And how to be able to find that inner journey of discovery, of healing for ourselves, and how to be able to navigate that path. And have, really finding peace and joy back in the everyday, of the life journey. So that we'll invest in who we are and we'll invest in our interactions more fully, and embrace it. So, that was one of their big purposes of the book.

It was a project that took three-and-a-half years in its creation. There were over 42 trans-channeling sessions that we're done for this book, and part 1 and part 2 are presented very different in their formats, on purpose. Part one is really about the life planning side of things and so, from all of the transcripts, it was put in play by each speaker that spoke about that particular topic, their information was presented. And then the second part, for the healer and healers, were specific speaker and their full information interview, basically, and what they had to share, and why, why was this important to know right now.

Daniel: Perfect thank you, and again, it's a book that I cannot recommend strongly enough. And one of the things that I wanted to just emphasize in what you said is, that as we heal ourselves we’re healing the planet (Shannon: yes) and the role, and the relationship with that is something that we don't normally even think about or consider. That as we heal ourselves, we are healing the energy of the planet. And that is just profound to even consider. So thank you for that. (Shannon: you're welcome) And is there anything that you would like to share to finish off?

Shannon: hm, (pause) um, (pause) it's not going to be me. (both begin laughing) I was going to start talking and they were like, "whoooop (going up in tone), nope, we're not doing that, you're doing this instead." So, um, (pause) I feel Anne from the COOL Council. (pause) Um, we're going to shift for a minute so just bear with me, because she's just actually going to take over.

Daniel: Take your time.

Anne: Good day, good day. Thank you for receiving us today. We are very grateful that the information that's been shared today. We're very excited, moving forward in this time period of humanity. You all need to take a little break. You have a great coming, but we would like you to take a personal break. This means, give yourself some self-care, some treatments, beautiful treatments. Music needs to be returned into your life. Right now you all have been in a difficulty for quite a time, you have a little bit longer to be stretching those rubber bands of your energy, holding space, for not only you. You are holding space for your planet, your solar system, your Milky Way, all of us. And we are all helping as well, don't worry, you're not alone. We never leave you completely alone, but it is time for some self care. Please plan this within the next 12 cycles of the moon. We refer to moon cycles instead of your calendar, because this is much more in harmony with your being.

We have a few more shifts coming up, for your planet. Those of you on the path will be feeling a little upheaval and we want you to know, this is time to reaffirm yourself, reaffirm your grounding as well, and this is going to assist you in holding space for larger groups of the community, as your planet begins to further extend the energetic shift within itself, to become reflective on the surface.

We also ask that, as you move into this time of self care, please assist the other beings on the planet as well during this. You can incorporate them in your meditations or however you feel to interact and use the intersections. But we ask that you not only focus on the humanity, we need you to focus on all of the living beings. Especially your nature being. These parts of the consciousness are doing larger amounts of energetic transformation than humans are able to do. You see, this is why they come in as collective energetic incarnations. They are able to master and hold larger spaces of transformation. You are ignoring this in your world right now. You are ignoring this.

The spiritual journey is to help you recognize that element on the planet, and we ask you now, as those who hear our message, begin to bring this into a larger format. You as well as an individual can connect into this energy and begin to amplify its ability in its integrated web of energy. You see, you can use lay-lines, you can use your trees, your flowers, your water as well, as part of the integrative energy to amplify the process of transformation.

Yes, you must begin to address some of the issues on the surface of the planet in order to sustain it and your societies. So, we need balance to be back, brought into play, whatever you remove must be returned 10-fold, you see, because that is the stage humanity has brought it to. So if you remove one tree you need to replenish it with ten trees, do you understand? This is how you will begin healing humanity and the planet, in a grander scale. But your footprint must soften. Humans need to soften the footprint of themselves so that the harmony can come back into play, in all of its life forms. From planetary beings, to surface beings. This is an integral, difficult, part of the path, and we understand that. But, you are also ready for it, so just — it's like walking on a dirt path and suddenly you're seeing that the flowers are blooming behind, when you look back. This is what we are talking about. This is how your energy is able to begin to bloom those flowers and planting those seeds. So, please pay attention, work on your inner healing, the inner path changes everything that is external from you, and this as well, will begin to bring that harmony back into your life and all of the beings that you are connected to, planetary and off world.

It is a beautiful place, when you begin to look. Look at each other, look at your planet, look at your trees and your flowers. From the heart space, not from the eyes that have been glossed over in the humanity dictations. And, you take those glasses off and allow your heart to see through the eyes and you will begin to see more of how you, as an individual, are changing the world in every moment and every breath that you are here.

We love you, and we love your planet, and we are here to be used and called upon to assist. But please understand, we cannot change it for you. That is not our place. This is why you chose to be in this place, in this now and those bodies, and we love you for being the one to take that on, and we will help you where we can. But remember, you're the one executing the plan.

Daniel: Anne, that's a very beautiful message and thank you for joining us tonight or today.

Anne: Thank you for having me.

Daniel: Would you be able to speak a little bit of this change that is happening, for those members of the conversation, of the podcast, that are maybe not aware of this global change that we are in the middle of. Could you speak to that a little bit?

Anne: Yes. So, your planet has gone through many different waves of changes, of societies. You've had your matriarchal time. You've had your patriarchal time, which has been very long lasting. Currently, those of you on the planet volunteered to be here, in this now, to assist this change. So, what we are talking of, is shifting societies from patriarchal dictation into a balance and harmony, of matriarchal and patriarchal in unison together. Not opposition. Understand that every human is all three elements of energy; you are the feminine, the neutral, the masculine; you are the negative, the neutral, the positive charge within yourself, and this is also in every interaction on your planet.

This time, in this space, on the planet, is moving and deconstructing old ways of being. Your movement is going more where you will work collectively together, shaking hands with each other, full embracement, that your diversity is the largest asset your humanity has, as a collective. You are not individual races, you are one race. You are the human race, and your collective ability, your diversity, is the uniqueness that you bring to the table, just as the individual does. This is the shift of change. This is also going to allow, as the planet does one more axis shift, as humans come to realize that it takes one another, holding hands to address the healing of the planet. Especially after this next axis shift. You're going to be ready for interaction with off-worlders once again. Off-worlders have always helped your human evolution and your planet's evolution.

But it has been removed for many many eons now, to allow humanity to go back into its darkness. It needed to go back into infancy stages of exploration of human growth and evolution, and now are you are at a new stage to be able to move back into a harmony balance, bringing it throughout all societies on the planet, bringing your natural elements back into a stasis that is maintainable, and as you make this change, it will allow an opportunity for the off-worlders to be present again with you, and help you move into the next dynamic. This stage would also assist your science. You see, we are in the stage to bring science and spirituality into a cohesive unit. So these systems are being challenged currently on purpose. Because it is time for the human to understand who they are. So that science and spirituality will marry and become one unit, and take your quantum physics into the intermediate stages. So, when off-worlders are able to return and visit with you, they will assist you in taking your quantum into the advanced stage and humanity will be able to begin the next phase of its development.

So, you have much coming, and you are all participants in this wonderful adventure. Isn't that not incredible? You all said, "Isn't this fun, look at what we get to do." And now you're here, (begins speaking with a subtle British accent) and it hurts at the moment and we understand. We understand. But pain is how humans stop, listen and begin to move forward in other directions that they wouldn't have seen before. Does this answer?

Daniel: Yes, it does. Thank you.

Anne: Thank you.

Daniel: And is there? I know that you spoke about how, as we heal ourselves, we expand and we interact with and we include the larger energies of the planet. Is there anything else that we can do to help, individually?

Anne: So, yes, when you begin the inner journey of healing yourself that ripple is like a tidal wave in the energy. Not only does it affect your planet, your natural life beings, your animals, your flowers, your plants, it goes all the way through into the core of the planet. It goes all the way out into the ethers, into all of its layers of atmosphere, into outer space. It also crosses time and space, so it also goes into all of the other lifetimes that you have had, that are linked to you in the now. It will heal loops and holes and gaps, in those other beings, in those other timelines, in those other ethers. So, it becomes an entire network of — if you look at a window screen, it is not one thread that covers the window, correct? It is an entire web, to create the screen. This is the same, as far as the energy of healing, that you and the individual is also within all of those layers, all the dimensions connected to those layers. Every being, every part, every breath, it impacts. It is into the cellular and molecular levels of beings, of planet, of time and space. So, it is a very important journey and this may overwhelm some, to think that not only is my healing of now impacting other times, other spaces, and has this tidal wave effect, maybe I shouldn't do it because what if I screw it up. (begins to laugh) We're going to say to you, there is no screwing it up, there is no wrong way. The only thing we can say is not trying, hm, it is a choice you have available. But is that really what you want?

All it takes is that one little grain of sand to hit the water, and it impacts and it ripples out. So, do for yourself, look at that part, walk into there and say hello. And then see who greets you in there. You're not going to be rejected in your own heart. Instead you may find the open arms you always were seeking. You just were seeking them from external of yourself, and the entire time they were right here. Issa left that message with you in his time, and you've all kind of forgotten it, or it’s been rather distorted for you, and you have embraced the distortion. But the answer has always been, go within your own heart and that is where we all are, waiting with open arms. From your God source to the infant you, all who love you, have always been able to be found right there. You just need to be brave enough to step in the doorway and say hello.

Daniel: Thank you so much, very beautiful. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us that you feel would be helpful?

Anne: hm. (pause) We know, there's so much going on and we hear the tears. We hear your tears, and we are here. We want you to know, there's one little thing that you can do for yourself that brings us closer every time you need us. Your music and your laughter are the keys to always bringing us closer. You may get dark, and you may get crying so hard, and you feel so lost and alone in the moment, but when you put on the music, and it begins to speak to you. Does not matter if it's the sad song, or if it's the dancing and enjoyment. It is the music that brings us close. And then you can allow us to bring more to the table for you. But these are your two keys to help you navigate everyday, when the heaviness feels too heavy to hold. It's okay to put it down, and it's okay to play. So, put it down. Put something on that makes you laugh, or put on some music that makes you smile. This gives your soul a deep breath, and it allows you to put the heaviness aside, and then we can continue to move forward. We're with you, we love you, and keep walking with your head held up high. Because you're rocking it darlings, you're rocking it.

Daniel: (chuckling) Thank you so much.

Anne: Thank you, I will depart now.

Daniel: Very grateful, honor to have spoken with you. (pause) Are you back?

Shannon: Yeah. (both laugh lightly) Yeah, I'm here. (laughs)

Daniel: I'll just give you a moment.

Shannon: Like coming out of the deep depths, you know?

Daniel: Yeah. (pause) So, thank you very much, once again, for an incredible conversation. As you know, I love sharing time with you. (Shannon: hm) So, as always, I always say this and I will always say it again, I cannot wait for the next time that we have you as part of this conversation.

Shannon: Oh, thank you. It's been a lot of fun.

Daniel: Oh good. I'm glad, as it has been for me too. So, is there anything that you would now like to finish with?

Shannon: um, (pause) ah, see, I disappear a little bit (Daniel laughs) and takes me a little bit of regrouping after they leave to get my own head to think in a whole sentence. (Shannon laughs)

Daniel: I found it really fascinating that she started speaking with a British voice. Do you know anything about her history as to why it started coming through with a British accent?

Shannon: Actually, Matt had asked them about that in one of the interviews, in one of the sessions, because, actually I think it was Tom, he has a very strong like Celtic brogue, and his answer was that they prefer to use a different dialect to differentiate themselves from me. (Daniel: hm) And I was like, oh that's interesting. (Daniel: that is interesting) And it's not necessary to change it, it just represents a part of their personality they are trying to project into a human form, (Daniel: hm) to connect. So, I found it very interesting.

Yes, they have all — everyone on the Council has incarnated. They just have stopped incarnating at this point. Because of what work they do they're much more like — they have specialized in different areas. And, so they work from that side of things helping, and they do more life planning than just for Earth. They are in the Akash for overseeing all life plans. So, it's very interesting sometimes to hear — there is one, Leilana, Leilana comes through very alien in form, and her speech is very chopped, very — you know like someone that only has this much of English so it's very direct, very set words. (Daniel: yup) Yeah, but she specializes more in other planetary incarnations, so English and speaking for human, to her is like, you know, like kind of — not difficult, but they've explained it that, it's like so foreign to have to use that tool. Because she's much more, very telepathic in her communication, that she found it very different.

When I first started doing the trans-channelings, it was kind of funny. Some talked very easily and some it was like, ahk ahk ahk (like clearing her throat) how do I work this thing? Like somebody trying to use a new microphone, (Daniel laughs) and I'd listen to the recordings and I would be like, "who is that? that's not me." Yeah, but Anne uses a bit of an English accent, and I believe in one of the interviews she had told Matt, that she had done many lifetimes in the UK and Scandinavian area, a very long time ago, when those land masses were still connected, and she really relates to that area.

Daniel: She personifies to that. (Shannon: Yeah) Yeah, it's really interesting. It was subtle, but it was there, and it came out sometimes more strongly than at other times, but, (Shannon chuckles) so I was just curious.

Shannon: Yeah, my family found out it was quite interesting to come home on Friday afternoons, when I knew I was having these sessions scheduled. Because they would walk in the house and they'd be like, "Oh, gee, that's not mom, that's not mom, alright." (Daniel laughing) My husband would even be like, "ohh kay." They'd wave at Matt as they'd pass the camera, you know, like "hay we're home," cuz they knew the rule was, you don't touch me, don't talk to me, don't acknowledge what's happening because it can send my body into a shock. It's like jolting, (Daniel: ya) and so, they wouldn't. But they would get quite a giggle coming in and I'd have this deeper man voice coming out, (Daniel laughs) with like a brogue accent and everything else, and they're doing these hand motions and I was just so lively and stuff, and then I'd finally be done and they'd come to find me and I'm like, "ahhh, ok, hi." (Shannon laughs)

Daniel: Fascinating stuff, fascinating stuff. So, now that you're a little bit more into your own skin again, is there anything that you would like to finish with?

Shannon: (pause) I would say to those beginning their spiritual journey, it's going to shake things up. You may find some people walk away, you may find yourself walking away from some people, and sometimes it feels really lonely and isolating. Understand that that's part of the deal, so that you look inside, and you can become whole in who you are, and it'll change how you interact with the other people again. Because now you're going to come into it being so much more happy in yourself, and the rest of the world gets to be so much more your playground. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. (Shannon begins laughing)

Daniel: Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you, (Shannon: you’re welcome) thank you, so much for again honoring us with your experience, your knowledge, your connections and just your presence.

Shannon: Oh, thank you.

Daniel: So, I look forward to the next time that we talk.

Shannon: Me too.

Daniel: Ok, bye bye

Shannon: Bye

(closing outro music begins)

Closing text: Thank you for listening. Hopefully, you've heard something new that invites you to reflect, to go within, and deepen your own understanding of life, and of our universal experience. If you enjoyed this conversation, please follow the podcast series on your favorite listening app, and share this episode with others that you feel would enjoy it as well. Until next time, may we all soar with inspiration, explore with passion and live with love. ❤️❤️❤️

(outro music fades away)

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(SQP-Ep.007s ~ Supplemental Bonus Spirit Conversation ~ w. Shannon Johnson)
Editor Note: Minor edits have been made from the original audio recording for easier reading.

(opening intro music begins)

Intro Text: Welcome to the spiritual intelligence podcast, Awakening your inner power with Daniel Martinez Stahl, where we will explore, discover and integrate different aspects of our spiritual and human nature, so that we can all thrive and live life with more grace and ease, instead of struggle.

(intro music fades away)

Daniel Intro: What you are about to hear is part of a longer conversation that I had with Shannon Johnson, as part of the Spiritual Intelligence Community membership group. I found the information that was shared with us to be so powerful and so inspiring that I wanted to share it with everybody, and I've decided to include it as a supplemental recording to accompany the interview that I'm going to be having with Shannon Johnson as part of the spiritual intelligence podcast series. So, I hope that you enjoy it and that you Soar and Explorer with Love.

Daniel: With us today is Shannon Johnson, she is someone that I met last year and have grown very close with. I think she's a wonderful person and I always love having conversations with her, very knowledgeable, very experienced, and also very well connected, (starts laughing) if I might not say, (continues laughing) if I might add. She has a really great book that she's written. It's in the resources of my Life Beyond Form website, if you would like to check it out, I'll also include a link to the book within the description of this video as well.
I'll let Shannon speak about whatever comes to mind, but before we get started I just wanted to open up the session a little bit. Can you speak a little bit more about spirit guides and councils because those are terms — well at least spirit guides most people can sort of get an idea what it is just by the name of it, but what is a council? And, just to help understand what that is.

Shannon: Sure. So, spirit guides are very interesting souls to interact with. So, most of us will have a group of guides. OK, and there's usually going to be one primary that most will refer to or connect with, and this person, this soul, we need to look at it as, this is the person we trusted the most to have our back.
More often, they have been as — we have been assigned to them, like a student being assigned a new teacher's assistant, okay. We'll put it in that context, a teacher's assistant. And this soul has already passed all the tests on Earth, they've learned enough through their incarnations that now they're ready to step back from being in the body and are now going to help you learn and process and experience in your incarnations, whether on Earth or other planets.

And so this is the person, as a soul, before we got into this meat-suit that we're currently in, and said, "Yeah, dude you're the person, I trust you the most, you got my back, you know how this game works, you know the goals I set out before I came in," and this is where, you know, this is the person that's going to be — when were yelling out in prayer, screaming, crying, looking for that help — that's the spirit that is going to be surrounding us, giving us God's love, helping us cope and move through, giving us signs and symbols. Okay?
And usually the primary spirit guide is going to have several other guides also assigned to us, they may be specialists in different areas of life. Someone might be specialized in connecting abilities and step forward when we start learning how to do that and will work as a partner to our spirit guide. The council, these are kind of like the, um, how can I best put this, this is like the guidance counsel. Okay? The guidance counselors at high school. So, your teachers are with you all the time and when you need major help, here's your counsel.
There's always going to be a head of council, and the head of council is going to be someone, a soul, who is extremely experienced. They're more of an advanced soul. They oversee the guide team, okay? And you'll have several players on your counselor as well, and these can be souls that are part of your soul group or teachers that — because we like to take classes at home in spirit — they may be some of your teachers and this type of collective. And then the head of council is someone who is — since there really is no hierarchy in Spirit, it's a little difficult to explain, but for a human concept, think of them like your master sergeant. Okay? He's the dude at the top. He will most likely be a master of council on several councils, for several souls who are currently in body. Okay? So, they're a little more stand back. Other than when we're really in a bad situation does the master council like, jump up front, because he is — the master counsel, you have to think of it as, these and your council team, these are the resources for your guides and your higher self, who is in Spirit helping you walk the Earth, walk the plane of life and all the different lifetimes that you have. Okay?

So, your guides, they also need somebody to be able to go to and be like, "Okay, Shannon is about to step off this cliff and she's not listening to me. What do we do?" You know, there's a support system that they can also go call in, to the master of council or to the council team and be like, "Hey, my charge isn't, they're not hearing me, they're not seeing this, what can we do to get their attention?" Right, and they're either going to go, "Look, this is a good situation, we're going to let her fall off the cliff because look at all of these other things that we're going to be able to bring into her experiences, that you as a guide are completely ready to help navigate." Or they might step forward and be like, "Yeah, we need to put a big warning sign out there, what can we keep throwing in front of her face to get her to stop, and pause, and look around, and ask the question, 'what and why and what am I doing?'"

So, they're like the heavy hitters for the — but they're also very hands-off at the same time because every experience to them is valuable. No matter how we see it. It may be extremely painful, very suffering in the human form, it brings out every hurtful and sadness and emotion that we can produce and we are yelling and cussing at them and going, you know "God, why did you put me here," and all of these things and they're there loving us going, "Perfect, you're perfect in this moment because look at all those emotions you're feeling, look at how your exploring yourself, look at how you connect to someone else." Because as far as Spirit is concerned, the emotional journey is what the human is all about. So, they love to have us dive in there and your counsel team, when you feel like "I was surrounded by angels that stopped me from making that car crash," most likely it's your council, that all came in and wrapped you up and said, "Hey, stop, look, we're here." Does that help?

Daniel: That does help. So, the question that I would love to expand upon is (pause) the role that our council and our spirit guides play with us as advisors. One of the things that I really enjoyed in reading your book was — I think it was your book (Shannon chuckles quietly) — a conversation about how our spirit guides provide support, but ultimately the decision is ours to make. Like they cannot make decisions for us. This is something that's really important for people to understand, it’s that anybody outside of our physical world or outside of our own experience, outside of our own body, anybody and everybody, not a single being in this universe can make a decision for us. The decisions are for us to make and the direction that we take is ours to make. And then the energies that be, that play in the space of supporting us, then make adjustments accordingly, based on the decisions that we make. I would love for you to speak about that.

Shannon: Yesss (elongated word), isn't that amazing to think about though? It's a little scary too, right? Because that means we have to be responsible for the choices we’re making. We can't hand it to somebody else. So, universal law number one, from God, Source, spirit guides, council, free will of choice and it is the number one rule that is in all life times, in all life forms, no matter what planet we're on.

We have free will of choice and so, yes, the guides — we have a life contract, okay, we have a life plan. In human form, we think of a contract, it's all detailed, spelled out you know, "I'm going to go, I'm going to buy a yellow dress, I'm going to go to this dinner, I'm going to meet this person, da da da." But it's not that way. It's a fluctuation of frequencies and opportunities that we put in play and different players agreed that "Yeah, I want to meet up with you and I'm going to be your bad guy, okay, yeah I signed up to be your bad guy, so when we meet up, I love you so much, I'm going to be the jerk just for you." Okay? But that also means that soul is going to be challenged in its lifetime because it set up different intersections and interactions to help it become the jerk, for the intersection with you. Because you're going to be an adversary for someone. Right? So, spirit guides and our council, when they sit down with us, and we do our life plan, we create it, with a lot of support and a whole lot of other souls saying, "Yeah, I like that, oh yeah, I want to be that one," and you said "Yeah, I want to be this one, out of all the people.”

Right, we get into situations that are very painful or that are very challenging and it's hard to make a decision, and we can ask for help. Yes, that is number one, they will not interfere or push us into a different direction unless we ask for the assistance, and then they'll give, you know, just like asking somebody their advice, they'll go, "hey, you know, you could do this or you could do that, or you could do this other one, which one do you want to do?" They will honor whatever choice we make because as far as they're concerned, every choice has a way to learn and experience life. It's what road do you want to travel?

So, yeah, you may be faced with an extremely difficult situation and in human side of it, you're seeing and your hearing, "Well, if I do this, gosh there's so much judgment around it or I've been taught this by my religion or this by my family, or my ancestors," whatever. Remember, that is human teaching, that is the human construct that we've created in our societies, but as far as your spirit guides and your counsel, they're listening to you and your heart. What do you need? And whatever you are drawn to.

They might be saying, "hey, you need to make that right hand turn, you need to make that right hand turn, you gotta make that right hand turn," and they're putting it in front of you and you go, "Hm, I'm going to go left." They go, "hm, alright then, we're going left, here we go, no problem." Right? Because as far as they're concerned when you go left, they already know there's going to be challenges for you there and they're ready for it, they're ready to meet it with you and give you the support. They do get a little pissy with us when they said "go right," we went, "No, we're going to go left," and then we turn around at them and go, "why did you let me go left, you know I didn't need to go left, it was supposed to be the right and then you didn't tell me 'go right.'" "No, we kept putting the sign up of ‘hay, right kind of feels good, you want to go this way,’" but you ultimately have the choice and decision and they all go "you got it, that's the way you want to go, we love you, let's move that way," and they're going to help you make it through whatever those challenges are, that you find. And they're going to ease you back into a direction that you're going to meet back up with what you were going to find on that right hand turn. It's just going to come in a different way, it may come in a few years later than it would have before. But as far as they're concerned there is no wrong turn, and there is no wrong decision, there is no wrong choice, from their perspective.

Daniel: Yeah, beautiful, thank you.

Shannon: You're welcome.

Daniel: So a lot of these, kind of, foundational questions I'd like to explore more during the podcast. But I did want to have a little bit of a conversation, just in case other people haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast when we do record it, and also before we record it of course. So, if it's okay with you, I would love to go a little bit more into the kind of a conversation with Spirit, if anyone is willing to to play? I don't know if it might make sense for my guides to come forward, so that we can have a conversation with them directly first, and then have that be kind of like the warm up for other members of Spirit to come forward and play with us? So I'd like to leave that open and that's just a possibility.

Shannon: Yeah. Um, they've been around.

Daniel: Yeah, of course.

Shannon: (laughing lightly) They knew what we were doing, because I find myself, my words are going to start losing it, and that for me is that they’re — they want to talk. So, um (pause, breaths out - takes another deep breath), my goodness, (pause) I can sense there's probably about 15 guides that have, like, surrounded my computer at the moment. (both begin laughing) They're all just like...

Daniel: Welcome to all of them.

Shannon: ..."hey," they are all smiling and kind of going into whispers back and forth, at least they're being very respectful, um, and there's some loved ones that are standing behind them that I can sense us well. (pause) Um, (long pause), ok, one at a time, so y'all make a choice. (pause)

Okay, so my master of council, Ezekiel, is stepping forward and he says he is going to be the one to begin to answer the questions, (pause) and then they're going to be starting to swap places around. So, he would like you to begin.

Daniel: Excellent, excellent. So, thank you, first and foremost, I would love to get some information that would be useful for members of this community, as they join this community, something that would be helpful for them, and for the members that have joined.

Shannon: He says…
(Shannon's voice tone and rhythm of speech changes as she begins to speak, so I know I am no longer speaking with Shannon, and that I am now speaking directly with Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Welcome, welcome to your own soul, your own exploration inside, to who you are. We're so glad that you're finally realizing that your humanity has more to bring to you than what you see around yourself. Your societies don't give you enough love and care to see that the beauty within you, is so much more to be seen than the reflection. So, we're very joyous that you've begun to explore yourself and the rest of the universe, because there is so much more for you to find and, hm, begin to bring ease into your life, then you would have had before. Human suffering does not need to be as painful as most of you have already experienced before joining. Now we can bring the healing and the ability of understanding into form so that, hm, perhaps through your suffering you will begin to find laughter and ease and truly happiness within your own hearts, and you will see us smiling and applauding you every step of the way. Yes.

Daniel: That's beautiful, thank you. I would love to help people understand a little bit more about the relationship between spirit and human. If that's something that you'd be able to expand on a little bit more?
Ezekiel: In the human world, it's very limited in what it is able to see and explore. You see space outside of yourself as being separate and outer space as being a wonder and yet it is your home, it is what you know as a soul. A human lifetime is your limitation. It is where you get to create a new personality and interact with each other, through your greatest separation of self. Because understand, at home we are all each other, and separate, we are all God, we are all energetic essence, with no limitations of expression.

We can interact with each other without any inhibitions, secrets are not kept, pain is not given. So, going into the human exploration allows us to see one another from other points of view that we would not be able to find. We are also able to experience emotions beyond the purity of Love, because the soul essence is Love, in its full expression, in its energetic body. So, going into the meat-suit allows us to experience everything beyond that, which we can't quite do at home.

Bringing the two together is really the exploration of self. The more you go inside and look from your heart, not from the mind, because the human mental brain has its limitations in how it wants to see itself and the world. But when you connect the mind with the heart-body, with the heart of the energetic body, the soul, and you begin to view it from those perspectives, you can see the many levels of being on your planet, and you can see us. Because we're in the magic you see.

Humans forget to look at the magic of Life. The magic of a flower, the magic of a sunset or sunrise, the beauty and the essence of it, it's magical. It's not the person pulling the bunny out of a hat, that's not magic, that's illusion. Magic is creation, creation in living action and form, and this is what you get to experience when you go inside of a body. Whether you are a Palladian or an Earthling, this is how the soul gets to expand itself, learn and grow, and the limitation of a human form allows us to have to use so much of the being, in order to connect with itself and others, and its environment, that the exploration in the body, it's value is intangible. Did that quite answer what you were searching for?

Daniel: Yes, beautifully.

Ezekiel: Thank you.

Daniel: The expansion on that if you will, is the relationship between our body and our soul, our, as you put it, our heart. That is something that most of us on this planet are struggling with, and a fundamental part of what drew me to create this community is to help people to bridge that gap between their body and their soul, and I would love it if you could expand on that a little bit.

Ezekiel: Oh, I'd love to, thank you. The body, it is an amazing machine, it is a mechanism. It is no different than a vehicle that you get into and drive down the road on your planet. It is the same, for the soul. It is a mechanism that we inhabit in a molecular level. The soul is integrated into every molecular, cellular level of its being. So, I'd like to express, though, first to understand that the human construct, this being, this form, is nothing without its soul energy. It is a dormant piece of machinery without the soul. The soul is the energetic battery, the charge, the energy that animates the physical form.

You know, you have seen on your planet someone who their physical body has been so damaged, or it has gone into a dormancy and on life support, right? And they will say there's no more activity within the brain, the brain is active, in its essence of a physical material that is able to give energetic impulses, but it's consciousness, the consciousness that makes it whole and animates the entire four bodies, is the soul essence. And when it has begun to disconnect from its electrical system, it is — the body becomes nothing, the brain goes into an automatic part of its function, but the consciousness has already stepped itself outside of it, begun to detach itself. And that is when you'll often see family have to make the decision of removing life support, right? The soul has already stepped out. That separation now frees the soul from its, from the physical essence and its consciousness is now whole and complete in itself, in order to return home.

This is the same as when it comes into the body. A soul that is inhabiting the body is a portion a percentage of its entirety at home. So you often refer to the higher self, and this is the primary portion of who you are, that is always within its energetic essence of its being. And it sends a finger, a percentage, to become whole and separate in itself, like you detached it and you gave it all that it needed into this one small piece of itself, and it goes into the body, it is always connected, always connected to its primary source, its oversoul, its higher self. But this is the piece that becomes you, it has chosen its personality, its physical traits based on your ancestral genetics, as well as its astrological alignments. Because these are what is going to serve it in the physical form, as it begins to walk and explore. These are the attributes that it chose to work with, whether it's a disability, a deformity or perfectly normal. Although none of you are perfectly normal, you are all unique, and that is a quality that the human form brings to us, to explore so well. Because that personality is very unique in the mechanism itself.

I do wish to address though, quite quickly, to understand, because I did say that four bodies, within one. So, your soul is considered the energetic body, it is the spiritual body, the spiritual connection. Your mental body is very much in the construct of the human reality, it allows the spiritual body to connect and express itself through its creative sources. Your emotional body, this is not separate from you, it is not mental, it is emotional. Think of it, everyone says "I feel it in my gut," your gut is your second brain, where your neurotransmitters are. This is a primary source for your soul energy to reside and bring forth many of your soul memories that have been stored for the lifetime to access, it will access it in that area. And then you have your physical body.

So, the heart allows, when you allow your mental body to connect and speak through your heart, it is allowing at that point, that you're using all four bodies as a whole unit and speaking through that soul connection of the heart. We hope that expresses what you were seeking.

Daniel: Yes, thank you. A little further clarification about the difference between body consciousness and soul consciousness, and let me explain my question a little bit more. It has been brought to my attention through different experiences in my own life, that seem to indicate that our body has a particular personality and a particular consciousness that is part of its essence, part of what makes this body what it is, and we also have our soul consciousness or our soul essence, and my understanding is that the soul chooses the body, in part because the body has particular personality characteristics, or idiosyncrasies in the way that it handles things, or skill sets and/or deficiencies, that will lead the soul to learn the lessons that it's developing and working. And part of what I am looking to explore is to really develop a level of respect within ourselves for that human consciousness, because I find that a lot of people will focus on the spiritual development at the cost, or at the neglect of the human, and I would love if you could help expand on that a little bit.

Ezekiel: Yes, I agree, because the human body is the vehicle for the best exploration, versus trying to separate itself from the human. So, yes, there's a big conflict going on where people, when they seek, when they begin their awakening process, they begin to see their humanness as something that they should be separating themselves from. And the attributes that the soul chose of that human person to utilize and its experiences for its growth often becomes looked down upon as it should be, as though you should be operating from a different level of being. Separate from this human physical form that you chose, and that's not truly the path.
The path is to embrace all of the humanness, all of the human attributes that your soul chose to work with, right, and utilize them to their fullest extent, in the exploration, in the spiritual growth, Then you're bringing them together, not separating them apart. Because yes, when your soul sat down at the table and we provided options based on what your soul was wanting to explore, this physical form is the one that it saw would serve it best, as well as all of the people that that person is connected to, its community.

So, trying to then detach yourself and separate self, soul self from this human self, that it worked very hard in choosing and making sure that this, this body, this form would have the quirks, and all of the little funny things that it has, because those were the things your soul sat there and went, "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, that's the vehicle I want to be in and explore the world from, this is the view that I want to interact from, the base." And as it grows it explores into its spiritual expansion, bringing the human consciousness to become aware of its spiritual consciousness, to the point that they can be blended, not separated.

Because this is what happens often in awakening, people begin to see it and look at the human self and go, "ew, ew, ew, no I don't want these attributes, they're not good, I want to separate from them, I'm going to be over here, (raises voice) with the soul were everything's just 'chip cheerio,'" You're not investing, you are not investing yourself in what your soul, your soul, before it got into that meat-suit said was most important, and what was most important was being this human, this particular one, with all of its fallacies, all of its weirdness, all of its challenges. Whether it's weight or just trying to function in a day. That was the meat-suit that it saw and went, "Yes, yes."

And your soul also saw that "okay, this body is going to give me about this many years to explore," and because time does not exist in the soul realm because it is outside of time's construct, time is relevant to the planet that you're on, not to us, it sees this beautiful little human and goes, "Yes, it's only going to be about 15 minutes of spirit time, but boy that 80 years of human time has so much to find out, and to experience, love and sadness, pain and hurt, loss, joy, excitement, celebrations — that's the one," that's the one that was going to be able to do everything we need to do, and it's going to be able to achieve all of the goals that we set out.
Now, bear in mind, I say goals. Goals are not like, "I want to come to the Earth and be a doctor and I'm going to get my doctorate and I'm going to do this," right? They are not that way, it's more like I went to go and learn about, perhaps the mission was learning about loss. You want to explore all of the venues that humans are able to understand and experience loss. We know that sounds weird. Why would you want to experience loss? Because at home we never lose anyone. There is no loss, it doesn't exist. But in a human body, you can lose a finger, you can lose a toe, you could lose a pet, you can lose a loved one, you could lose everything that you've ever thought was important, and end up the mission was finding out that it wasn't all of those things that were important, that you lost, it was always about finding you, inside and realizing that was all you ever needed. Better?

Daniel: Yeah, and that brings up the question, just continuing on what you just ended with, a lot of people that speak of our spiritual process will use the idea that we are born into human form to find ourselves, we are born into human form to reconnect with our true essence and I find that there's a misunderstanding of that phrase, that I would love for you to expand on a little bit more.

Ezekiel: The phrase is a very simplified term, it gives comfort to those who have experienced very hard, heavy difficulty. So it's a very nice human term, but it truly doesn't have a translation to us because they're — you see, a child is always connected still with spirit, it is the societal teachings and what is surrounding it that around the age of five, six and seven, that the human adult side begins to sever that connection and tell it that it is not real, it is not a reality, it is not who you are. And, that is often where a lot of the challenges in the life plan begin, at that stage of life, okay, which now sees itself separate from the universe, where it didn't before, because that's what humans do. They teach that separation and close the door, so then the poor child has no choice but to walk through life trying to rediscover itself, because the door to itself got closed.

This is also part of the amnesia though, that we will admit comes into play around this age as well, and that is because if the soul, hm, let me rephrase that, not the soul; if the human personality where to really, um, still understand the role it's playing, that the soul is doing, it wouldn't want to invest very much. It would be kind of like, "Why do I want to go and suffer, I could just, you know, let's skirt the edges and get home, go back home." Because it's painful here, it's very separated from what we know. So, you know, the true path is to, in its essence, to rediscover the soul self and connecting within.

Yes, so that then you begin to realize how connected you are to everyone and everyone else around you. Humans, once that amnesia is really locked in deep, they want to play the blame game when they're hurt. It's very difficult to see parts of self that are hurting that may be inflicting pain on yourself or on others. It's very difficult, and most don't want to accept that responsibility, that it is a part they're playing.

So, the spiritual journey, yes it's often about rediscovering who you are, because you've forgotten. You got so involved in the human drama, that you forgot you're actually kind of in a comedy, and you're playing your part. So there's a detachment and that rediscovery of "I am more than my body,' that rediscovering that the soul is truly the driver of the vehicle, helps us to begin to step back, and not only see the experiences that have been lived, the value of them, you see, because a human passes judgment on all of them.

Not only do you judge yourself very very harshly, you allow your community and your loved ones to judge you very harshly as well. When you go through your awakening and you begin to realize that the soul is really the driver, and you begin to reflect and heal attributes of yourself, and you can look at your events, your experiences, your hurts and your sorrows, and see the value of how they have helped you become who you are, that's the meat, that's the juicy stuff that we're looking for. That's why you went there, and that's why you chose you.

Daniel: And a continuation on that, a lot of people ask, and I don't know if this is, I don't know, too difficult to answer, but why are we here? Why are we born? What is our purpose? What are we here to do? That is a question that a lot of people have.

Ezekiel: We are here to learn and explore all variations of love and the separation of. It's as simple as that.

Daniel: Can you speak more about that separation?

Ezekiel: When you're in a physical body, your soul is given a way to block — the physical body, let's put it that way, the physical body has mechanisms that allow you to block the connection to who you are, as a soul, so that you will invest in the personality that you chose and walk the experiences. Okay? When — otherwise we would not want to grow. Right?

We have to understand that Source learns through every spark of itself, and we are those sparks. Source is always looking to expand and grow. We're talking about energetic beings of a very high frequency who are always wanting to learn, wanting to learn more about itself, and about its way of being, and that includes any type of life-form that it can connect with. So, if we are the parts of pure consciousness and pure love, wanting to explore itself, how else would you do it, but to use different types of ways of being that are available, so that then you can go and do it. Right?

Think of an actor on the stage, if you are an actor and you're wanting to explore all types of ways of being, would you choose the same stage clothes every time, and the same stage set every time? No, especially when you are energetic beings that you — are always in existence, there is no tick-tock on the clock, in which you will expire because you are energy, you are consciousness in energetic form, being expressed in a physical body. The physical body, all of the variations of the physical forms that we like to incarnate into, and even some of the energetic forms as well, they allow us the opportunity to be separate from what is always known.
We are pure love in energetic essence, but in order to grow and expand in its own evolution, the various physical forms allow us that other view of the kaleidoscope, another perspective, and when you have an innumerable amount of souls that are a part of you, wouldn't you want to be a little curious and mischievous in the wonders of the universe? And want to see what it feels and smells and tastes like from a different type of body, a different type of planet? It allows Source to continue to expand, it allows souls to continue to be birthed and creative. And it allows many planets their own expansion, not only for their own planetary growth but also all of its societies and interconnected parts of its own evolution. Human, is just one of many that we love to get into.

And, it also allows us to explore ourselves and each other in ways that we couldn't at home. I could walk up to any soul at home, and I know them. I know everything about them, I know their feelings, I know all about their lifetimes, I know everything they've experienced, every color they've explored, every vibrational frequency they've been on, in that instant moment. It is not even a tangible amount of time to give for an Earth understanding, it is so instantaneous, it is the connecting of an energy to an energy and we know everything about one another, in that moment. But when we go into a human body, we have to learn, we have to ask questions and sometimes we can be deceived as well, because different physical forms allow that. At home it doesn't. At least the physical body allows us the opportunities to feel touch, really feel it, understand it, know what it feels like when it's a hurtful touch, when it's a pleasant touch, when it's a loving touch. Is it cold, is it hot? It has texture and temperature, at home it does not. At home it is energy, it has bursts, it is tingles and zings, for a human to understand. But this essence, a human body, oh the wonders it brings for us to explore. That's why we like it so much. I hope that brought some understanding.

Daniel: Yes, thank you very much. I'm really grateful for everything that you've been sharing and I'm curious, because there were other members around that were nearby if there's something that someone else would like to share.

Ezekiel: There are many who have come today. I am the speaker, because she is most comfortable with me, and she actually allowed me to step in, rather than translate for me. Your spirit guides have come, as well as (name removed for privacy), as well as his mother's, both mother's teams are present, and many others for your people who have joined and the ones who are coming in the future.

And we wish to express to all of you that, you are exactly who and where you need to be in this moment. There are challenges on your planet. Many, and there are a few more coming in the pipe, but every single one of you has exact tools to begin to navigate it and actually begin to move into other directions of exploration in your life, that you've been a little hesitant in finding or looking at. Understand, everything is within your choice, to say yes or no.

Many of you are experiencing already connection with Spirit, and you have many who are stepping in around you and trying to show you their love and their connection to you in the physical world, it is a matter of you just opening your eyes and saying "yes, I hear you, I understand you're with me."

Many of you have people departing right now, or are coming close to, and we want to express a huge gratitude, because that comes from a space in the heart that most humans are afraid to touch. It is a part of compassion that takes a depth of human heart that they usually don't like to go to, because it means being vulnerable. It means being vulnerable to another's pain, another's suffering and providing love and comfort. That is warrior love, to hold that space to walk beside them, to wake up everyday, and still smile and say I love you. That is a difficult road to be on, and we want to acknowledge that warrior love that a few of you are holding for your loved ones. We commend you. It is not easy, and you know, it's very hard, it's an emotional roller coaster that turns you upside down and sometimes it shakes you out of the seat, and yet you still hold on. Continue, this is a blessing. It is a blessing to serve Spirit in this way as well.

Your souls are getting ready for a major burst of energetic expansion, but you again are in the driver's seat as to say yes or no, when that time comes. We will always support what you need, may not be what you want, but it will always be what you need. (pause)

Okay, there are a couple others that are going to step forward with messages but we're going to bring her back to do translation instead. so, I'm going to depart unless you have another question for me before I leave.

Daniel: Thank you for everything. I am sure that we will have another conversation in the future. Thank you very much for everything that you have shared, from the bottom of our hearts.

Ezekiel: It's been my honor to speak with you today, thank you.

Daniel: As it's been mine, thank you.

(closing outro music begins)

Closing text: Thank you for listening. Hopefully, you've heard something new that invites you to reflect, to go within, and deepen your own understanding of life, and of our universal experience. If you enjoyed this conversation, please follow the podcast series on your favorite listening app, and share this episode with others that you feel would enjoy it as well. Until next time, may we all soar with inspiration, explore with passion and live with love. ❤️❤️❤️

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