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"Deepening our spiritual intelligence helps us experience more love and joy in life, improves our relationships and connects us with the power and wisdom we all have within, awakening our creativity, and enabling us to thrive instead of struggle."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl


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 SQP-Ep.030 ~ Importance of Self Love and Deconstructing Hypnosis (w. Aurora Shele DeAngelis)

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The Spiritual Intelligence Podcast Series explores our humanity, our spiritual nature and the divine power that exists within all of us. Deepening our understanding of life, of what it means to be both spirit and body, and improving the relationship between the two, so that we can live a better life.

In this series, we will be speaking with different people that are working directly with the expansion of our consciousness. 

Some featured guests help others awaken to their divine essence, often hidden by the innocent misunderstandings of life and beneath the noise in our heads. While others help us explore aspects of our spiritual journey or help through the direct alignment and/or collaboration with the life-force energy itself.

Hosted by ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl
💧 www.DanielMartinezStahl.com  

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