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"The objective is for us to reach wholeness within ourselves, to become so balanced or so open to all perspectives, experiences, etcetera, that we come to a state of peace within ourselves; where we can assume the perspective, assume that perception from all others. That is the sense of Oneness within, and that is what we should be striving for on an individual basis before we even get to a place of really feeling like we're attaining Oneness in the physical."

~ Zay Pierre

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power

Welcome to the 16th episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Zay Pierre explore:

  • How inner power is the conscious knowing of one's own possession of energy, that creates your experience of life.
  • Different perspectives on the what it means to be a sovereign being. 
  • The importance of finding our inner wholeness before beginning to strive for oneness.
  • Channeled messages from Spirit, who specify we all have sovereignty, it is not something special or outside of us.
  • The acceptance of others even when they are wrong and to allow them that grace.
  • As more of us come to play our solos, and also to blend in with the harmonies of the collective, the sound crescendos.
  • How it's all about the incremental steps in the process and how we need to have patience in the process.
  • A call for stillness, for everybody to find a time, place and space to go within, connect with Self and just be.  

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We begin with Zay Pierre introducing himself and then Daniel asks for Zay's definition of inner power, which he summarizes as being "the conscious knowing of one's own possession of energy, that creates your experience of life." Zay uses sovereignty as part of his description of inner power and Daniel then asks him to expand on what sovereignty means to him, which he simplifies as choice. Daniel then says that sovereignty to him means our divine essence, our divine gift of life (though not stated in the episode, I'd say now that it is our spiritual truth our true divine self).

Daniel again (as in other episodes) speaks of how we are at the front line of creation, that we don't expand into smaller subsets of our energy, Zay disagrees and speaks of how all of our projects and creations are fractals of ourselves, which Daniel agrees with. Eventually, Daniel states his comment in a different way and Zay agrees that "we are the created and we are in the phase of starting to expand."

Zay speaks about how the structure is given to him as circular or as a never ending spiral that goes up and down, which Daniel loves the idea of, which leads to Zay speaking about how there is really only One soul that is experiencing itself over and over again.

Zay shares that the experience of oneness in the physical form is a collective endeavor and that striving for oneness before an individual has experience wholeness within themselves will ultimately cause disharmony in the collective. Daniel associates the idea of wholeness with the alignment between our four bodies (Spirit, Emotional, Mental, Physical) and how he believes the Three Principles understanding naturally aligns these four bodies, even if the 3P community isn't aware of that description. 

Zay goes back to the idea that sovereignty is a choice because it is needed and used to align the four bodies. How one has to actively choose to align, with their sovereignty. Daniel speaks about how he's coming to understand how helpful it is to allow and receive even more than he ever thought possible from the energy of life, but that he's still coming to understand it.

Zay says Spirit speaks to this as being related to the collective beliefs about abundance, wealth and worthiness. Daniel mentions that the connection became unstable as he spoke and wondered if Spirit was wanting to speak. Zay says he can connect and Maitland, who he met through Jamie Butler is excited to join our conversation. She presents herself as a nine-year-old to help have a lighter perspective on these topics that many can take very seriously. 

Maitland wants to confirm that sovereignty is not a special thing or is not something that is outside of you, everybody has sovereignty, "you come to life like Danny said, and he says 'you are sovereign because of life,' life makes you worthy and your simple worthiness, by way of being alive, makes you sovereign. you get to choose whatever you want to choose even when people are trying to make you choose something you don't want to choose."

Daniel then asks about the importance of being aware of where our experience is coming from and how it's hard for him to accept when people don't seem interested in learning more about their experience. When they refuse to even look in the direction that Daniel is suggesting and how hard it is for him to accept that and let it be.

Maitland agrees with the importance of awareness and states that awareness equates to understanding. Maitland then proposes that it is because Daniel does not recognize that they are their own sovereign being and that everyone is on their right path, even if it's different from our own. 

Daniel then asks Spirit to speak to how this conversation that was focused around his own issue can be useful for the other listeners, and how he is sure there was a reason why his question around this topic came up. Maitland steps back and an angelic council comes forward and speaks about how this conversation is part of a grand orchestra, with many players and that it can be heard throughout the galaxy. 

They say how "it's in the consistent rehashing and redistributing of the valued and sacred information of these truths. Both these universal truths and the authentic individual truths. For as more and more of you come out in this orchestra to play your solos, and also to blend in with the harmonies of the collective, the sound crescendos. The wave reverberates throughout the rest of the planet until eventually all are encompassed in that energy."

How it's about the incremental steps in the process and how we need to have patience in the process. The angelic council ends by saying, "The wave is incoming. You are at the cusp of the grand rising. There is so much more to come. This is just one incremental step of messages, collective messages, that need to get out there. This is how this work changes the collective. Incremental steps, progressively, regurgitating sometimes the same information. Sharing the next levels, eventually evolving those thoughts and concepts. Overall it is the echoing of truth that will be felt and penetrated amongst the collective. Just have to have patience and play your role, doing your part, with these conversations, with your self-exploration, with your cultivation of self. This is how the work gets done."

Daniel thanks them for their beautiful message and again asks for specificity on how this conversation can be implemented by the listeners of the podcast. Zay speaks for his guides and goes into many examples of how it comes down to taking action and doing the work. How every concept that was spoken about in this conversation can be explored via practices that specifically address the subject. Zay says there are many practices but that it all comes down to awareness and mindfulness.

Daniel reminds everyone that if the concepts resonate with you, that your own inner wisdom will direct you towards the practices that will be most relevant for you to continue exploring and going deeper within yourself. 

Daniel thanks the Spirits for their messages and Zay remembers that he heard the whisper of acceptance, specifically for Daniel. The acceptance of others even when they are wrong and to allow them that grace. Daniel invites the listeners to hear these words because they are applicable for all of us. 

Zay speaks of how the conversation about being at the forefront of life really resonated with him and Daniel speaks of how everything we do is felt across all existence, which was mentioned in an earlier episode, and that he reminds us all of this for us to recognize that how we live our lives is meaningful; how we live our lives, how we choose to live our life is felt and has an effect that is far beyond what we can even understand. Zay reminds us that even though we have an effect on the collective and the collective has an effect on us, it is not an excuse to feel disempowered, that our choices are still ours to make. 

Zay closes by saying that he's really getting a call for stillness, for everybody. For everybody to be able to find a time, place and space where we can go within, connect with Self and just be. Be honest in yourself and in your experiences, "What am I feeling? How am I feeling? Where is this coming from?" Allow yourself the time and space you need to be reflective or introspective, to cultivate your awareness.


About Zay Pierre:

Meet Zay Pierre! Following a stroke and massive 'awakening' shift in 2016, Zay soon found his natural healing abilities and gifts begin to heighten. From ordained ministry to Reiki mastery and now as a direct channel for Source, Zay is on his sole/soul mission. Helping others navigate back to the truth of who they really are. As aspects of divine love 💕🙏🏾 ZayP is based out of New York, USA

TikTok: @zayptheiam

YouTube: Zay'P the IAm https://youtube.com/c/ZayPierre


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(SQP-Ep.016 ~ It’s All Incremental, Have Patience in the Process ~ w. Zay Pierre)
Editor Note: Minor edits have been made from the original audio recording for easier reading.

(opening intro music begins)

Intro Text: Welcome to the spiritual intelligence podcast, Awakening your inner power with Daniel Martinez Stahl, where we will explore, discover and integrate different aspects of our spiritual and human nature, so that we can all thrive and live life with more grace and ease, instead of struggle. 

(intro music fades away)

Daniel: So welcome to the Spiritual Intelligence Podcast once again. With me today is Zay Pierre, he is someone that was referred to me from a friend of mine. He and I just met and spoke last week. It was a wonderful conversation that really inspired me. I really enjoyed it and I am really excited and looking forward to the conversation that we're going to be having today. As always, I have no idea what we're going to be saying or where we're going to go, but I will just let Spirit lead us with whatever direction they feel is appropriate for us to go in. So on that note, I will let Zay introduce himself. Whenever you're ready, just give us a little bit about yourself and then I'll take it back from there.

Zay: Beautiful, beautiful. Well, thank you Daniel, first of all, just for having me on your platform. I'm happy to have this conversation and engage with you and the audience; like-minded hearts and souls and other people like us who are just into esoteric and spirituality in general. For those that don't know me, my general spiel is, "It's your boy Zay-P, Zay-P the I AM, I am that I am, as you are that you are, for we are all that we are." And that's my general intro if you check me out on YouTube or see me and any of my lives, online appearances. And what that typically is referring to is the sense of connecting with Spirit, in the sense of connecting with the "I AM" presence. And this "I AM" presence being an aspect of the divine, being an aspect of God or Source, however you choose to interpret it.

There's a level where the energy comes into incarnation and it is embodied, it is embodied in all of us. This is the expression that is life, and with that, when conscious awareness comes into play, when you really step into your own sovereignty, into your own divine knowing, you really take hold of and manage this tool, this aspect of divine source, which is the "I AM" in it, which is really self declaration and identification and really connecting in with that layer and that level of the divine self, that's already within you.

So when I am in my connected state, most connected to Spirit, most connected to energy, I've taken on the title as The I AM Zay-P, The I AM, so me being Zay Pierre, me being a channel, me being an energy conduit, me being a Reiki master, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I can go on with all the qualifications: ordained ministry, pranic breath-work practitioner, mindfulness expert. I have gone through the courses and the circuits, at the end of the day, I'm one like you, like you all, here of being of service, and here offering love, and any insight and guidance I can to anyone else in this collective, on the same journey back to Source, back to self, back to love. So, that's a little about who I am. Daniel, I'll hand the mic back over to you but thank you for allowing me the moment to introduce myself.

Daniel: Absolutely, absolutely. Welcome. You are more than welcome to share at any point, and as always feel free to ask me questions as well this is a dialog between us and, you know, I'm going to ask questions but at any point feel free to ask me. (Zay: I love that, yes, I love that.) So, the way that I like to get these conversations started is by asking what does it mean to you that we have inner power? What would that mean to you?

Zay: So I feel like the answer comes from multiple layers and sometimes these things can be a little convoluted, so I'm just going to put that caveat here in advance. But, life, existence overall, the universe, however you want to conceptualize it, it is multi-dimensional. Right? And so, with that, answers may come from various dimensions, various layers. Right? So, when you asked this question, there's the 3D me, there's the human me, like the very real world guy, who grew up in New York City, and you ask what is power, and that equates to force, and that equates to be ability to get one's objectives met through sheer will and force. That is power in a sense.

When you start to ascend up to different levels, right? You ascend up to another level and the answer comes forth that power is sovereignty, power is freedom, it is the conscious knowing that you are always at choice, and you are always at the behest of oneself. Even though circumstances may come along to try to force you, compel you, even under coercion, there's a level of choice. Like we always say, "Well, they didn't hold a gun to your head," as if saying someone holding a gun to your head takes away your choice, but there's still a choice there. Believe it or not, some people would choose to allow that gun to blow their heads off, rather than taking certain actions that are not aligned with their truth. It just is. Look at the many soldiers who are actually programmed this way, who are actually trained and understand not to give up certain information, and they will take that bullet before they betray their country. And so, in a sense, there's always a choice and in that sovereign power, that ability to choose one path, there's power.

From another level, power simply is life force energy. That energy that allows us and compels us to move forward, to keep progressing, to keep growing, striving, however life is choosing to unfold as it does. That alone is power, because that is the power of creation, this is how things happen. So when you think of what is power, I can come from all three of these perspectives and they will all have a level of truth. Right? So, to me, power is a combination of all of that. Right? It's this ability — ultimately, if I was to combine those three things, power would be: the conscious knowing of one's own possession of energy, that creates and — that creates your experience of life. All of that in itself, is your power. You have the power to choose, you have the power to walk the steps that you choose to walk, that power is within you (uncler word) everyday that you wake up. Should you die, well, there's your power. You can't do nothing now. But if you wake up in the morning, you’ve got some power. Right? Unless you're in chains and being forced to do things against your will, there's always somewhat a level of choice in your life, then that is a level of power.

And also there is your own ability, willingness, capability to force, if you have to at times, the things you need to get your objectives thorugh. Now, me being where I am in my life now, I don't look at the word "force", like forcibly against the will of others. I'm very much a being that is working on consistently being in harmony with the world around me. I know that I cannot — I can only ascend but so far unless others around me are also ascending until the collective is ready to ascend. With that I'm not the type of person that's going to do harm to another to try to force my way, but I have a way with words. So if I know I can be persuasive through the use of my gift for gab, I'm going to use it. That's a power. There's some power here. So things of that nature, all encompass what power is, but I think power is really useless without the proper intellect and wisdom to know how to handle it, to wield it properly. To use it effectively in a way that creates as opposed to destroys.

Daniel: So you use the word sovereignty, and I would love for you to describe and explain what that means to people.

Zay: It means different things to different people. (both begin laughing)

Daniel: What does it mean to you? 

Zay: It means different things to different people for sure.

Daniel: It's a word that is used quite often in this community and I have my own ideas of it but it's also a word I don't use very often. So, I'm curious to get your thoughts on what does that mean to you?

Zay: Yeah, for me, sovereignty means — it's just choice, plain and simple. You are in a position at any place or any point in your life that you have choice, then you have that ability to choose a path, to walk a path, to add to the creation of your experience as opposed to having your experience be laid out for you, with no regard to your choices. Right? So, for me in that sense, sovereignty is, is choice.

Whether one has the will or the desire to use their sovereignty in any particular way, because that's when things become so judgmental. Who's to say what's the right thing for you to use your sovereignty for, which is the wrong way. That is all up to you. So, at the end of the day, sovereignty, the energy of sovereignty itself is just choice, it's a neutral energy. But it is an energy that allows full possibility, and it is in possibility that creation can occur.

Daniel: I love the fact that you’re emphasizing choice as a big part of that, and for me sovereignty is speaking of — how do I put it — our sovereignty in the way that I relate to it is our essence, our divine essence that we are. You were speaking of the I AM earlier, that aspect of our divine essence, and it manifests in our experience in a way that gives us the choice and gives us the freedom to utilize that power, that energy of Life, the creative energy of Life, in whatever way we choose and whatever way we decide to create.

And the challenge that I find, myself included, in all of these conversations is getting to understand that power is so incredibly powerful and neutral that it will create whatever we are focusing on. And the challenge that we have is learning how to recognize the energies that we are giving importance to, that in turn create our experience of life. (Zay: Right) And that sovereignty for me is that gift of Life, that gift of essence, that is within us, kind of our God-given gift of Life and we utilize it through our free-will and the choices that we make reflect and represent the life that we are creating for ourselves.

Zay: Uh-hm. So, it sounds like to me, in essence, for you sovereignty is even baser than how I describe it, sovereignty is just the bedrock to Life. You are living, you are sovereign, because you have that divine breath, you have been incarnated through that divine blessing that is Life, am I off? Or?

Daniel: Sort of, the emphasis isn't so much on the fact that I'm alive because I can go through life completely blind to my inner strength and my inner power, my inner sovereignty. As a sovereign being...

Zay: But I'm saying it sounds more like you feel like Life entitles you to your sovereignty.

Daniel: Yeah, the fact that we are all, we are all sparks of divine energy (Zay: hm-hm), that is for me what sovereignty is referring to. It's that aspect of, we are divine beings. And what does that mean? Well it means we are — and I've said this in a couple of other episodes — we are at the forefront of existence and the way that I described it in the past is, and I know it's my structure and it's my hierarchy, and it's the way that I align things but, we are the spark of our higher self, our higher self is the spark of Source, and I've heard from a number of different people that there are multiple Sources out there, not just our Source.

So, if we look at it from a pyramid kind of structure, there are multiple Sources, which to me implies that they are the sparks of their Source, and I don't know how far up that food chain we go. (Zay: Right) But the idea that we are — we don't have sparks of ourselves. Like we don't create little parts of ourselves that then go on and have their own, their own consciousness and their own independence. 

Zay: Don't we?

Daniel: We don't. I don't think we do.

Zay: (unclear word) ....we differ. Again, now we get back to subjectivity a little bit but, I don't know, I might give you some pushback.

Daniel: Yeah, please, please do.

Zay: Well, I mean, children...

Daniel: Yeah, but children have their own consciousness, children are independent of themselves, they're not...

Zay: But you are independent of yourself, are you not?

Daniel: I am not — let me put it this way, I'm not removing part of my energy and creating a subset of myself. I might have children but that child is a subset of their higher self.

Zay: I think, from an energetic perspective, yes, that child is a subset of their higher self. From a biological, or genome perspective that child is a subset of you. (Daniel: yes) At the same time, I also feel, put children aside, what about your projects, your passions? Look at this podcast, is this not a fractal of your own energy that you are investing more energy into? (Daniel: yes, yes) You're giving it life, even though it may not be a biological life, it is someplace that — it is a center of energy you have created that you are investing focus and intention into, that you are an intentionally growing to have its own life, to be its own thing ultimately. Right? (Daniel: yes) That's the goal at least, so that in itself is an example of you creating your own spin-off.

Daniel: Absolutely. I absolutely agree with you that what we do in our creations are an expression of ourselves and are an extension of ourselves. I absolutely agree with that. (Zay: sure) From a — kind of a soul structure...

Zay: Well yeah, if we are a fractal — alright, if you are a drop of the ocean, all you will produce is water. You will never produce flames. (Daniel: absolutely agree) You are a drop from the Ocean, you can still produce other drops. They are smaller still drops that can come out of you. (Daniel: yes) And depending on perspective, the drop that you are from a perspective can be an ocean. That little droplet of medicine that we take is like three or four little drops, you drop that somewhere in front of a bunch of ants, that is like a lake. (Daniel laughs) Depending on perspective, right? So, just because you see yourself at the small finite fractal of energy, the output you can create is always going to be more Source, (Daniel: absolutely) you're always going to be putting out more Source energy (Daniel: yes, yes) but they will be your own expressions and they will come to have their own identities and their own ways of being, that's the cycle. But it's how Source is informed of itself, through itself.

Daniel: Right, totally agree with you.

Zay: Smaller scale, your cells, (Daniel: yes) red blood cells, white blood cells, your body stays producing them, it's working in just the system of that fluidity in your body, just through your veins, and you know, subsets of the biological organs, but it's still a subset of a subset of something else. Right?

Daniel: Yeah. There's — so I agree with everything that you've said, and I get the impression that we're having two conversations that are related, but they're two different conversations. So from a — and I'll try and reframe my statement for my comments to see if it resonates or I can explain it a little bit more clearly. (Zay: sure)

From a perspective of, being a subset of divine energy, everything I create, because everything is divine energy, everything I create is an expression of me and I totally agree with that. The comment that I made earlier was about looking at the fact that, if the ultimate energy of Source, the energy of Life, in whatever format or structure it decided to explore itself by creating subsets of itself, that would have an independent awareness, and then that subset of independent awareness, created additional subsets of independent awareness below that, and let's just go to that level.

We are at that forefront, of that experience, we are at the front line of that experience. In the sense that we are not creating subsets of our consciousness to then expand and go deeper into an understanding of ourselves

Zay: No, we are the created and we are in the phase of starting to expand, (Daniel: we are, we are, we are) and perhaps if we get it right we'll get to the place where we are creating those subsets of ourselves. (Daniel chuckling) If we get it right.

Daniel: If we get it right. (chuckling) You know, I heard that the other day, that when we advance as souls to a certain level, we are basically able to continue playing within the energy of our Source or we can split off and become, like you say, another Source ourselves. I heard that the other day and I want "that's kind of cool," so I'm not sure what I'll choose but (begins to laugh).

Zay: Yeah, yeah I think — I mean, you're a fan of Dr. Michael Newton and the Journey of Souls and the Life-Between-Lives process. I feel like he doesn't really interesting explanation of the soul world and how energies are played with and manipulated in a sense, and almost that hierarchical structure that seems, like you know, the more developed souls kind of creating more and kind of guiding more, and trickling downward to the lesser develop and further upwards to just like pure Source energy. So I feel like there's parallels, although it's given to me like it's a circle or a spiral. More like a never ending spiral that goes up and down, but yeah is that overall hierarchy thing that we see in the linear view point. But I think it's a great demonstration of what you're talking about.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, and I agree, and a lot of the, kind of the reference that I have for the way that I see the world is actually very much influenced by Michael Newton's work. But I love the idea that things are circular, and because I, in my human perspective, imagine a less developed Soul as being less developed then an Ascended Master, but when I speak to Spirit through people like yourself that channel directly, the message that I get constantly and I hear it from other people that channel Spirit as well, is that there is no hierarchy at all, and that there is no separation between a quote-unquote a less developed soul and quote-unquote an Ascended Master. So there's this curiosity and my human mind of, I want to experience being in that place where I don't see it as a hierarchy, and I know that the hierarchy just makes it easier to describe, and easier to discuss, and easier to understand at a human level. But I love this idea of it being circular or a spiral. That idea that there is no up or down there is no higher or lower there is no a new soul versus an old soul. I love that idea.

Zay: When (chuckles) and again this is some more multi-dimensional themes but there's a certain level or perspective that one can assume where there is just the One soul, and it is just the One soul that is experiencing itself over and over again. And in that sense, the reason it comes up with what you just said is this idea that we all walk around day-to-day feeling like are individuals and we are our separate selves, and we got everything categorized in groups and things: we are humans, those are cats, those are dogs, and we all have different set of souls (Daniel laughing) and we are different creatures and entities, and then are things that are not even living and those are just something else altogether and so souls is just — we all have our own souls and we're walking toward, you know, maybe embodying more of our higher self in that aspect of our own higher soul in the sense, but if you keep going up and up and up, you start to reach these places where it's like, it's all just one soul, and you're just kind of, "We're all working towards reunion." (chuckles) So to speak. (Daniel: yeah) And that's a beautiful thing and that also kind of brings in that visual of the circle or the sphere again. (Daniel: yeah) Also, the ocean, it's a beautiful metaphor that I also like to work with sometimes, but that's how they can give it to me a lot. They really try to — I think the ocean is a great thing that really helps me to kind of conceptualize some of the things that come through. (Daniel: yeah) When I'm like, "Oh, okay, I see." (in a quiet, relaxed and slow voice).

Daniel: Yeah, the whole idea of separation — what I thought about as you were speaking was, I don't know if I told you but I am beginning my journey in the hope that I will learn to channel myself, (Zay: oh, beautiful) and one of the people that I spoke to that I'm looking to interview for the podcast, as I was sharing my story with her, what she said to me, which I really appreciated, was that the message that she was getting as I was speaking of my journey was that the more I recognize the fact that I am them and they are me, that there's no separation between myself and those that I want to channel, the easier that will become. And that idea that we are all one. And I hear it, again from different people that channel, again the same idea that when they are asked, "Who are you? Are you an Ascended Master? Are you an angel? Are you a dot dot," (Zay: yeah, we like our labels, they don't really care for them) and a lot of times they will say, "We are you, and you are us." (Zay: yeah) And I love that idea, that reminder that we are all a collective energy of one, with this game that we're playing on this particular planet, which creates a sense of separation, and the indications that I hear from everybody that seems to be connected with Spirit is that we are in a transitional phase on this planet and within ourselves to reduce that separation and to reconnect with our sovereign state; using that word again. And, I love that idea of, of being One, of being connected, and I know that a lot of people in all kinds of communities will say that we're all One and that we're all the same, but there is a sense of — there's a deeper sense of what that means that I'm beginning to recognize more and more lately. (Zay: yeah) Cuz I've heard it my entire life but I'm feeling it very differently now than I did twenty years ago.

Zay: Yeah, well it changes as well as we grow, also with our level of perception change. But this does take me back to, and I think I did a video on this like maybe six months ago, where all is One, this idea that all is One. And that also brings me back, (chuckles) before I even get into that, because you talk about the collective and like, we are a collective but just, you know, imagine seeing just pockets within pockets within pockets. There's like collectives within collectives, within collectives. Right? So there's like, you get the collectives of Gaia because we are all belonging to her, and then there's like Humanity, and then there is the animal kingdom, and those are collectives within the animal kingdom, right? There's different species, there's different animals, and then there's — but at the same time there's a certain level where all of these energy units do recombine back together again into a sense of oneness. But then what still gets me, is — I remember learning this and kind of going through the paces with it, and it's that idea of oneness which is spoken about so much and, especially in spirituality sectors, also sovereignty, I don't like to use that word too much because there's some muddiness there, we can always go back to that conversation but — the idea of Oneness. It's a beautiful concept but it is not a very attainable experience in the physical life and what I was given is that, I'm trying to choose my words carefully, I don't want to say no one will ever reach Oneness, reach the state of Oneness in this life, because I am sure there are plenty of people who claim that they have, say that they have, but what was really given to me is that, the objective is for us to reach wholeness within ourselves, to become so balanced or so open to all perspectives, experiences, etcetera, that we come to a state of peace within ourselves; where we can assume the perspective, assume that perception from all others. That is the sense of Oneness within, and that is what we should be striving for on an individual basis before we even get to a place of really feeling like we're attaining Oneness in the physical.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I love the idea and again you remind me of the, the idea of recognizing the wholeness within ourselves and I know that you mentioned Reiki earlier within kind of the Reiki community and other discussions, there is a description of how we are made up of four different bodies. We have our spiritual body, we have our emotional body, our mental body and our physical body. And that alignment...

Zay: the energetic body (Daniel: the energetic body), some might call it the spiritual, I've heard it as four or five, it depends.

Daniel: I've never heard the five, yeah, the energetic and the spirit for me would be the same, (Zay: yeah) but if people want to separate that out, then sure. (both chuckle) But I love that idea of recognizing that unity between ourselves, and I know that — for my followers that are within the Three Principles Community my personal experience has been that understanding the description of life as described by the Three Principles, naturally aligns us with our spiritual self, it naturally aligns us with our mental body, and it naturally aligns us with our emotional body. Because we begin to understand how the whole system of the mind works, how we respond and relate to our experiences we develop a deeper appreciation for the experience of life itself so that we don't struggle against the content of our experience, which naturally aligns us with these bodies and that for me, is one of the biggest benefits that I have seen in understanding the description as provided by Sydney Banks. But people within the community don't realize that that's what's happening, they just realized the effects. They live a better life, they're more aligned with their innate well-being, they're more aligned with their inner wisdom. But what they're doing is that they're alining their spiritual, their emotional, their mental and their physical body. And I love that. (Zay: right)

Zay: Yeah, absolutely, and I'm a big proponent of really aligning with oneself. One's Self, with the capital S, (Daniel: yes) not the small self, I mean aligning with the Source itself, connection. But this brings me back to the point about sovereignty, where you talk aligning. Something came up earlier when you were talking about sovereignty. And what I feel, particularly with sovereignty as it relates to alignment, is that truly aligning with your highest self, aligning those various bodies, the physical, the mental, the emotional and spiritual really requires one's use of their sovereignty. And so, it kind of brings me back to the thought like, why I say sovereignty is a choice because even though we are divine sparks, these fractals of divine energy, if we don't know that we're not, (chuckles) we're not making use of that. We're not putting that to its full potential, and we may be misusing that and actually going in another direction. 

And so it takes one consciously, with awareness, with mindfulness, making use of their sovereignty to align in the first place, you know, to even get to a state of saying, "I want to be balanced, here, here and here." And a lot of that has been happening culturally, especially as we really rapidly ascended through the technological age, from the industrial age to the technological age. The books and the amounts of text that have been produced in (unclear word) and then accessibility to everybody. We're really evolving fast, in that sense, from a technological perspective so to speak, and there is more access to that information than ever before. And so people are starting to do the work in the minor pockets, again, where self-help, self-development, it's psychology, it's science, this that and the third. Right? We're looking in all these other areas, but it's just seeking, just alignment. (chuckles) We're all walking towards the same thing ultimately, but so many are — that just goes to show individualistic the process is, and it really is these individual paths, and this where sovereignty really comes to place, because we get to pick and choose how you are going to express yourself, express that energy. 

But really, when you start to choose to align oneself, whatever the trigger is, maybe you had a bad week and you started feeling sick and you were like, "I need to get my body right, because this is happening too much," we start looking at the physical fitness, you know, well-being for your body. Whether you know you are a divine spark or not, you are using that energy. In that situation it's more ideal because it's aligning you up with your other five vessels and avatars. But, you know, you could be using that energy in a different way, and eating cheeseburgers every day and be fine about it. And so, the sovereignty really comes in with the fact that, in a sense it's much like free will, again back to the idea of choice, and we get to choose, and we have to choose to align. And that is not always the easiest thing but we are in this place and time where the world is kind of forcing us to either align or deal with the consequences. And so, we're getting hit on all sides, in all different ways. It's forcing us all to kind of come face-to-face with what we're dealing with in our everyday lives, and figure out how and if we even want to align with it all. Right? I think that's where we're at in these current times when there's so much triggers and so many divisive issues. Because it's really forcing us to kind of face things and start more consciously choosing who you want to be. And not everybody is on the same page, but the difficult conversations are the ones we have the most grown in. It is those tenuous moments that bring us the most insight and learning. So, I don't know how my tangent went there, but I'm sorry. (both laugh) It just did. 

Daniel: No, and I love what you are saying, and there was something you just said recently that you just triggered something in my mind, and I sort of lost it, and it may or may not come back, but one of the things that I've noticed in my own journey and in the exposure that I am putting myself into different communities within the development space, is this idea that — and I'm kind of coming to grips with this myself I'm not entirely, I haven't bought into it, but I do agree that we need to allow ourselves to receive more than what we think we are capable of receiving, with regards to support from the energy of Life. The abundant, infinite creative energy that is available to us and that lives through us. There is an aspect of allowing that to be, without resistance and that resistance in many ways comes from our innocent misunderstanding of how things work, and...

Zay: Yeah, Spirit is talking to me about that right now. They were just saying that a lot of that has to do with the collective belief systems around. Around abundance, around wealth, around worthiness, because there have been so many messages that convey — I just heard mixed signals, but mixed messages in a sense where, work hard, that's an admirable thing, and it is, I'm not knocking it, but then it creates this statement that I have to work hard for everything, and so now when you get something easy, you don't feel right. (chuckles) That's when that belief system has just warped and went into the wrong direction. Right? It maybe, it was something that was intentionally started off to, you know, get people to value hard work. Sure, there's nothing wrong with that. But then when it starts to mutate to this belief of anything received easily is a bad thing, now, (chuckles) you know we've gone off the rails and so a lot of that stuff has to do with miscommunication and mixed signals creating faulty or fallacies in the belief system.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. So the connection as you were speaking, saying that Spirit was giving you a message, the connection and our video started getting really choppy and I'm wondering if they're wanting to come forward and speak?

Zay: Yeah, sure. I can definitely connect. I have a lot of energy here with me. And I hear — okay, so I hear one of my guides, she's a nine-year-old guide, she's a nine-year-old spirit guide, named Maitland, whom I met through Jamie Butler, who's a beautiful channeler for anyone who is into channeling or just this type of work, so for everyone who's watching this right now, if you are into this stuff, you would love Jamie Butler, I'm going to give her a plug because Maitland is coming through, I want you to know Maitland originated with her. And I was introduced by Jamie, so I always feel funny when Maitland comes in when I'm doing these things, cuz I'm like, "well?" but she's with me, she works with me, so. She is super excited to talk, but I definitely feel the rest of my guides in the background. So yeah, I can connect.

Daniel: That would be cool.

Zay: (long pause) OK, so, I'm not going to try to trance channel because I just don't have the energy for it. (Daniel laughs) But, so she says, "Hi Daniel, I'm Maitland, m-a-i-t-l-a-n-d, Maitland, nice to meet you Daniel," (Daniel chuckles) and she's like rocking her legs and rocking in a chair, and swinging her arms back and forth, super excited. (chuckles) So, she's a nine-year-old spirit guide from the midwest, I think, maybe California. And yeah, so she's here but she's not actually nine years old, she just chooses to present this way because "kids are cute, kids are adorable and people listen to kids when kids are cute, and so you can accept more truth from me when I'm being a fun happy kid than if you were mean, grumpy adult. (With a joyful and light tone, which changed to being playfully serious at the end of the sentence).

Daniel: (chuckling) Love it, love it. Maitland, thank you for joining us, I met you through Jamie as well, so lovely to have you join us.

Zay: Yeah, she gives me the sense of joy and giddy when you said that and she's like "Yes, I remember you," and then she's trying to come up with a nickname for you, (Daniel chuckels) she's saying like, "Danny-poo?" She's just playing with your name.

Daniel: Yeah, lovely, lovely. So Maitland, thank you for joining us. I'm curious if there's anything that you want to say specifically to anything that Zay and I have been discussing and sharing?

Zay: So she says, "Yes, I would like to talk about sovereign beings, cuz you started off talking about sovereign beings and I don't think everybody understands that sovereign beings is not a special thing or is not something that is outside of you, everybody has sovereignty, you come to life like Danny said, and he says 'you are sovereign because of life,' life makes you worthy and your simple worthiness, by way of being alive, makes you sovereign, you get to choose whatever you want to choose even when people are trying to make you choose something you don't want to choose, what you can choose but then it's easier if you go along with it because then you no longer working against yourself or the energy but when you don't when you don't want to go along with it, it's better to then not choose it and to choose something different, but then someone tries to make your life hard and stuff, and so you might think it's easier to choose to do what they want, but when you do choose that way, then you give yourself a big headache."

Daniel: (laughing) I would agree, I would agree.

Zay: Yeah, she's got me scratching myself, gotta not scratch. (chuckles) So, go ahead. She says, "Go ahead Daniel, ask your next question."

Daniel: I find myself a bit of a loss, I don't really have questions that are popping up in my head. So, let me ask you this question, and we talked a little bit about how everybody is on different paths and I'm sure that you can connect and can feel kind of the limitations that I've created in my own experience around this idea of recognizing the misunderstanding of life, and how psychology in our society is innocently looking in the wrong direction, and how most people are innocently looking in the wrong direction with regards to where their experience is coming from. And this idea that the more that we recognize that our experience is coming from within ourselves, as an inside-out experience versus the way that it's meant to feel which is outside in, in other words our experience is one that's creating sorry our circumstances and our environment are creating our experience, as opposed to our experience is the interpretation of that. (Zay: uh-hm)

There's — in my mind, that knowledge is so powerful and so profound that I can’t understand — I can't let go of wanting to share that with people, and kind of, and I don't want to say forcing it down their throats, but they don't want to listen and I'm not letting them be on their own path and on their own journey. And the reason I'm asking this question partly is for selfish reasons, but also because a lot of us are on our own path and we feel that our path is the right way and I know that that cannot be true, so I would love for you to speak to that.

Zay (Maitland): But your path is the right way, the right way for you, that's all, and the thing is nobody wants to believe you and so they tell you you're not on the right path because you're not on their path. But you don't need to be on their path, because you just need to be on your own path, because your path is for you and their path is for them. But, super happy because you are talking about awareness. Awareness, awareness, you hit it right on the nose. So, awareness is a very important thing, cuz it comes in all different layers and levels, right? So, there's self-awareness, there's awareness of your life and the world around you, there's awareness of circumstances, there's awareness of your own belief systems, and when you get it to that, that's when people start to have these things called awakenings, awakenings, and realizations, and epiphanies and all of these cool things that just mean new layers of understanding. Awareness is just understanding. And if you can assume the awareness of any particular perspective or place and time, that may be other than your own, or just your own, you are assuming these different perceptions, when you assume these different perceptions. 

And so, with different individuals, they are all standing in different places. Everybody thinks they know what's best because they believe they can see the road ahead, but they can only see the road ahead for themselves. And the thing is, without awareness, a lot of people don't even realize what it is that they truly want because they are going off programming such as social conditionings, narratives, of media and as well as the family programming and advice of loved one and all of the judgements of your friends and all these things. So everybody creates these storylines and these narratives of what will work and what won't work, and how you can make it and how you cannot make it, and what's not going to work for you because it didn't work for them, or what they can't see themselves doing, so they are going to tell you you can't do it because everyone has a different journey. 

So, if you are aware and you know how to use your awareness, not in the direction of somebody else, but towards your self, self-awareness, then you can have the path you want to walk and you can have it be the right path for you, and you can walk it with confidence. But you can't walk it with confidence if you don't have awareness, and you are listening to other people that don't have awareness, and it's just the blind leading the blind. And this is what happens. Does that answer your question?

Daniel: (chuckles) It does, but it doesn't, and I'll talk to you about where it doesn't. (Zey/Maitland: yes, let's go, let's go, let's go) Yeah, right? Ok, so I use in my online program that I'm also sharing through this podcast, I'm talking about how life is designed to seem as if everything is revolving around the earth if we walk outside and we look up at the stars we look at the Sun or the or the moon or the clouds, we are stationary and everything is moving around us; that's the way that it's designed to seem. (Maitland is making doubting noises) That's not that's not how things actually are but that's how it seems superficially that our...

Zay/Maitland: Yes, that's how it seems to you, (Daniel: correct) but it's not designed to seem that way.

Daniel: Ok, yeah, let me be a little more specific with my language. (chuckles) I appreciate the challenge. So, perceptually speaking when I walk outside it appears to me that I'm stationary and everything else is moving around me. (Zay/Maitland: yes) If I live my life from that perspective, I'm going to create an artificial glass ceiling because that perspective is based on a very innocent but false understanding of how things work. (Zay/Maitland: hm, go on (Zay says something that I can't make out)) So, my question is, if  — psychologically speaking, if people are living their life assuming that they're responding to the environment around them, are they not going to artificially create a glass ceiling in their own development because they're innocently basing their experience on a misunderstanding?

Zay/Maitland: Well sure, this is the same thing as the statement you are the body. Are you the body? No, but a lot of people walk around thinking they are their body, and so what happens when you think you are your body? You just take care of your body's needs. But then what happens? You come out dumb, or maybe you come out not connected to Spirit, or you come out just not balanced. You don't have any of these other things that are important to life. But maybe your body is real nice. (Daniel: right) But it does place limitations (Daniel: right) on what you experience in your life.

Daniel: Right, so my question comes back to, again, my perspective and my point of view of, if I can — (exhales loudly) I feel like I want to help people recognize that they are not stationary and that the world isn't moving around them. I want people to recognize that they are part of a bigger system where we are within a solar system the sun being the center of our solar system as opposed to — (big sigh) God this is so — how do I help people wake up without feeling and believing that they're wrong in their journey? I guess that is the simple way of asking the question.

Zay/Maitland: Well, why do you want to help them wake up? Or what makes you feel they need to be woken up?

Daniel: Yeah, that's a very good question...

Zay/Maitland: Do you feel there's something wrong with their path? Because then it sounds like maybe you do feel there's something wrong with their path. In which case, that would be a judgement. Judgements are baaaad. (Daniel laughs) But preferences are not. Preferences are natural. Judgements are mutations of preferences. We can prefer things, but we make judgements and the judgements create separation. 

The thing about your question that you may be missing is, accepting the other people's sovereignty. (Daniel: working on that) The sovereignty thing, that choice that everyone is grated, God given because they are alive, remember? (Daniel: yup) And then, the idea that we talked about earlier that everyone has their individual path. These individual paths are for a reason. There are things that people are just meant to learn and experience in their life. Even though their paths may be different from yours, or even when their paths are completely contrary to yours. Where is your wholeness? Remember we talked about wholeness? And Zay was saying, the wholeness and the oneness, but you got to be whole all within yourself before you can experience oneness within the all. But you are trying to create oneness by trying to force people to wake up and you’re still working on waking up. Because there's always more to wake up to. (unclear words) because there isn't anything lacking in you. Can you accept others to wake up on their own times, and in their own terms? Or must it be on or in the way you perceive it? That will be the question I ask you.

Daniel: Intellectually, I would say that I recognize that everybody's on their own path. From a feeling perspective in terms of the beliefs that I'm still holding on to that I haven't let go of there's a feeling of, but if they knew what I know their life would be easier. Why wouldn't they want that? Why wouldn't I want to help them live an easier life? I haven't fully come to grips with understanding that people's path is their own path and I haven't fully come to grips with understanding that all of us are our own independent sovereign being. I haven't fully come to grips with that.

Zay/Maitland: That's OK. That's human. That's normal. So, it's no big deal. But, you beat yourself up over it. So, you can stop that.

Daniel: (laughs) Agreed, agreed. So, let me ask you a question. How is this conversation helpful for others? If you can be specific about that, cuz I know that there's a reason that this came up. Not only for myself but also for this conversation and I would love for you to speak about this for the others as well.

Zay: Okay, so Maitland is stepping back and I feel some angelic guides coming in. (pause) This conversation is part of a grand orchestra, one which many different players play, at many different octaves. This orchestra can be heard throughout the galaxy, believe it or not, but directly here on your planet's surface, amongst the peoples: some people will be exposed to it, others will not; some people will be educated and others will not; some people will spread those messages, and others will not.

It is the learning, (bad connection) consistently rehashing and redistributing of the valued and sacred information of these truths. Both these universal truths and the authentic individual truths. For as more and more of you come out in this orchestra to play your solos, and also to blend in with the harmonies of the collective, the sound crescendos. The wave reverberates throughout the rest of the planet until eventually all are encompassed in that energy.

This particular conversation is not going to change the world, if that is the expectation. But this particular conversation will touch individuals who will go on to spread the light, and go on to spread the messages. These things do not happen into and of themselves as just one event. It is the incremental steps in the process. Far too often, many in the collective attempt to skip steps, attempt to achieve more than what's needed, more than what's possible and feel disappointment or feel frustration as the process takes its time, takes its course. The way it would naturally and progressively do. So, you need to have patience with the work that you are doing and understand that it is not going to be one global shift, in one conversation. But rather, it's going to be one mind, one heart, one individual affected. Although this conversation will touch more than just one individual. It's about patience in the process. Patience in the process. 

Continue to speak your truth, and it adds to the crescendo of the orchestra. The wave is incoming. You are at the cusp of the grand rising. There is so much more to come. This is just one incremental step of messages, collective messages, that need to get out there. This is how this work changes the collective. Incremental steps, progressively, regurgitating sometimes the same information. Sharing the next levels, eventually evolving those thoughts and concepts. Overall it is the echoing of truth that will be felt and penetrated amongst the collective. Just have to have patience and play your role, doing your part, with these conversations, with your self-exploration, with your cultivation of self. This is how the work gets done.

Daniel: Thank you, that's very helpful, I appreciate it. While...

Zay: Super hot, sorry.

Daniel: That's Ok.

Zay: Yeah, go ahead.

Daniel: While we're on this conversation I would love for this conversation to be brought back a little bit more to the listeners day-to-day experience. Partly because I spoke of my own challenges as I share what I've learned with others and the limitations that I have and how I see other people and how that's impacting the quality of my own life. You have shared with me, very valuably, this idea that it is part of a journey and that it's a revealing of messages in incremental steps and that it is those individuals that are touched by the conversation, as they go out, they will continually increase and improve on our level of consciousness. But I would love for you to bring this back a little bit more specific to how can the average listener on this conversation integrate this knowledge into their day-to-day experience?

Zay: I'm just going to talk for my guides right now, instead of trying to bring them in. They bring me back around to the conversation about awareness, and what they are talking about is mindfulness. And a lot of times what happens with these conversations, people take these conversations as moments of relief, as moments to gain some insight and clarity, to receive some hope of or upliftment, and then a lot of time people walk away from them without integrating the information or without taking actions and applying what was heard.

And so what they are saying is that this all comes back down to doing the real work and when we talk about doing the real work, we're talking about awareness and mindfulness. If you think about just the concepts that we talked about here alone, the multi-dimensionality of things, your sovereignty, what is power, how all these different concepts kind of intertwine and flow together as the conversation did. Right? And we talked about so much more. Right? We talked about wholeness, oneness, this and that. Whether you're just now hearing these concepts or whether you heard of such concepts and have been hearing them for a while, they mean nothing until you start to mindfully integrate them into the self. Right? And so, what does awareness to everyone here mean? What does awareness mean when you hear that conversation? If you think about that and really come to an idea of what that means, then that's going to allow you to kind of practice it, to implement it. When I say awareness, I'm speaking of The Knowing. I have a blessing to have a connection strong enough that I can connect with The Knowing, but you — we all have our own level of knowing, we all have our own level of awareness. Who we think we are, we believe in a God, in a Source, do we really believe in our own connection to that God, to that Source? If you do, to what level? If you don't, recognizing that maybe you don't really believe in it. Many of us will pay lip service to such ideas but then we don't actually put trust or faith in them to actually take steps and actually follow that guidance. Instead we continue to do what we've done every day, whether it's out of comfortability, out of stability. So, it's really a matter of having awareness, the self-awareness first and foremost to apply to yourself, and then the willingness to take action to make different choices. How do we start to implement this into ourselves? A beautiful message that came at the end that I remember was patience in process, and I know I've talked about this at passed with — on my platforms, but life is progressive, things happen incrementally. Things are a process here. You know, we have to be willing to walk the steps. 

The journey of a thousand steps doesn't begin until the first step is taken basically. But it doesn't mean that you won't make it to the end, or maybe you won't make it until the end. Maybe you're journey takes you someplace completely out, your journey takes you on a whole other — it becomes a journey of 10,000 steps in the opposite direction. Who knows, right? But you only know it until you start taking those steps. So, life is progressive. How much will somebody watch this interview and listen to that and say, "Oh, I need to have patience with my project; oh I need to have patience with this thing that I'm cultivating that I'm trying to breathe life into." Cuz I think we have to talk about that right? The energy that we invest into the projects that we are creating. Right? So, all these messages just tie into each other. But that same perspective is a matter of having the self-awareness and then the willingness to do the work. No matter what I say here and now, at the end of the day, it's what you are willing to do when you walk away from this conversation. Does it just feel good? "Oh wow, that was nice, I felt that energy, I heard some good stuff," was it just a moment of thought-provoking and then you file it away and forget about it, or was there some actual jewels that you just are willing to actually try to implement in your life? Patience, let me work on my wholeness, let me work less on, you know, working with others or judging others and figuring out what I need to do to get myself out of this situation. Like, all of these different things. 

If I had a bullet point of everything that we covered, I could go down and say, "Well with this you can do that, and with this you can do that, and with this you can do that," and if you have time when you go back over the podcast, and if you want to make that list, it's really easy to break down different practices and techniques. But overall, what I'm saying is work on your mindfulness and work on your own willingness, this is that sovereignty that again, to actually implement these things. There's no, nothing that I could tell you aside from giving you specific things. You want to work on mindfulness? Meditation is great. You want to work on releasing judgments, you can look at Buddhism, you can look at the Dharma, you can look at ideas such as detachment, or unattachment, because detachment sounds so cold. (chuckles) But these ideas also allow us to work with concepts such as releasing the need to judge. You can look at ideas of acceptance or forgiveness, doing the shadow work to implement that into your life. All these things, again, being progressive, but these are all — everything we touched upon in this conversation, we can go back and look at all these different practices to see where they plug-in perfectly. So they're a ton more practices. If you go through this podcast, I'm sure you can figure out your own practices, because again, I'm bringing you back to that personal responsibility. What would work for you? You know? How can I make thing more practical? How can I work on my patience with this thing? Maybe, you know, create a timelines where you like, "Alright, six months from now I'll review my process but until then I'll stop worrying about my numbers, I'll stop worrying about if there's growth, and let me just worry about putting out good content; then six months from now I can review it," and that's that's going to give you more patience in the process and allow you to get through with more east, you just implemented some of the that's come through this podcast. So.

Daniel: Thank you, thank you for that. So, what I would like to add for the listeners is if there's something that we have said that resonated with you, the invitation is to allow that awareness to deepen your understanding of yourself, and that as you deepen your understanding of yourself, within your own inner wisdom you will be guided for or towards the practices that are going to be helpful for you to continue expanding and growing. And within my own experience, and I know that I spoke with Maitland specifically about challenges that I've been struggling with, when it comes to my own experience, but it's something that I'm constantly reflecting on and I'm always looking at different directions, and I am aware of my own path and my own journey, and the patience and the forgiveness of myself within that journey.

Zay: Oh, that was the other thing, I'm sorry. At some point while you were talking I heard a whisper of acceptance. For you specifically, with regard to your question. (Daniel: hm-hm) Working with acceptance, this is referring specifically to accepting of others, accepting — yeah, just accepting others, even when they are wrong, and allowing them that grace. Cuz it's not going to be you that changes them, it's always the experience that changes them. (Daniel: yeah) And no matter how much you rail, it might do more harm to your relationship or to that connection than it does to actually affect the change in them that you want.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. I can appreciate that. And that's something that I again invite everybody to listen to these words because I'm sure everyone of us, at some point or another, is confronted with situations and people that we want to try and help, or we want to change, or we look at things from a perspective of "we know better than they do," and...

Zay: So Maitland is also saying, "Be the light, be the light, if you are shining so bright, they're not going to be able to not notice you. All you have to do is get it right yourself and then they will have no reason to argue, they will follow suit; you have to be the example.”

Daniel: Yeah, thank you Maitland, again, another reminder for us to to look inside and to do the work within ourselves and have that be the change that affects our experience of life externally, and so thank you. I'm aware of the fact that we have spent quite a bit of time, so I'd like to thank Maitland and the other spirits that communicated with you and through you. And I'd like to invite them to say if there's anything else that they want to say in parting.

Zay: Well, so, the other spirits that came through me — I have the Angelic Council with me, my angelic guide. One of my guides is Gabrielle and she likes to come speak to me, well she presents herself as a female to me, but she comes as a male also, many know her as Gabriel. (chuckles) But she always comes to me as Gabrielle. Anyway, she was here representing the angelic council, that was who else came in at the end. (he speaks to Spirit) Anything else that you want to say? So, they are saying — Maitland is saying, nope, there's nothing else but she hopes that you bring us back for more. (Daniel laughs) She really likes this. She says she really likes this.

Daniel: Always welcome, (Zay: that was cute) always welcome.

Zay: So, they're down, I'm always down, so you know, we can plan another one in the future some time, (Daniel: absolutely, absolutely) if you are ever open.

Daniel: So, thank you for the messages and the love and support from all of the spirits and energies that have been with us. Thank you for your messages and...

Zay: Thank you for having me, it was great to kind of be on your platform and just, (Daniel: absolutely) I always enjoy just engaging in these conversations and exploring. One thing you said that I resonate with completely and we are on the leading edge of life, and really, it's all about, in a sense, it's almost all about — we have the choice to do whatever we want. (Daniel: yeah) It's all about what we do, but we are it. We are it.

Daniel: It's amazing to think about and to just kind of sit with that knowing. You know, something that I mentioned with another friend of mine, in an earlier episode, we were talking about how, and this relates to what we were talking about today with Maitland and with Gabrielle as well, what we do is felt and extends all the way through the entire existence of life, beyond all dimensions, not just on this planet, not just in our household, but what we do and how we live our lives is felt across the entire universal consciousness.

And we say this, and I say this, I remind us of this, not to put pressure on people, and this is the message that came in that in that episode, but it's not to put pressure on people and to create judgments of themselves but to recognize that how we live our lives is meaningful; how we live our lives, how we choose to live our life is felt and has an effect that is far beyond what we can even understand.

Zay: Yeah. It's felt by all. It's felt by all around us and those beyond, who we can't even see. We have an affect on the collective just as much of the collective and circumstances have an affect on us. But that is not an excuse for our own disempowerment as though we are not sovereign beings, and we are not still in control of our own lives, because that is a fallacy. Things may have an effect, and they may offer stimuli, they may offer triggers for us to respond to, but we are always in control of ourselves, and in our perception, and how we respond to things. Just like the idea of suffering, many people will say they find something insufferable and say, "Oh my gosh, you are in the state of suffering," meanwhile that same person, "I'm not suffering because I don't define my particular pain or discomfort as suffering, to you it's insufferable." But that's all judgement. So, we don't have to be at the effect of what other people choose to label our experience. You get to choose what your experience is. If it's good, it's bad, it's positive, it's not and how it came about and what you are going to do to prevent it from happening again, or to encourage it to happen some more. (Daniel: yeah) But we are not powerless. But things come and go, and some of that has to do with the collective, you know, the energy you put out will definitely have reverberations that might affect another person and they have their own sovereignty to deal with it.

Daniel: So Zay, in closing is there anything else that you would like to share?

Zay: I do want to just thank everybody who’s joined and listened to the podcast, just tuned in and hung out with us for all of this time. I always appreciate the energy. I want to thank you for having me on your platform and for just engaging in this conversation. (sighs) Any message for the collective? (long pause)

So, there's — presently it feels like this huge influx of energy and it’s kind of got everybody in a little bit of state of flux, just with experiencing things in your own body. Whether things have just kind of gotten — and people might have experienced, it's Monday today like, "Oh, my God Monday has been crazy," whatever, I'm really just getting this call for stillness, for everybody. For everybody to be able to find a time, place and space where you can kind of go within, connect with Self and just be. Be honest in yourself and in your experiences, "What am I feeling? How am I feeling? Where is this coming from?" Allow yourself the time and space you need to be reflective or introspective, to cultivate your awareness. Because the more you can do that, at this time, the more paramount it is at this time because it's needed, first of all because we are all called to step into our authentic truth, and to start embodying more of our authentic light, through the actions in the creations that we are making. But then as we do that, again, that crescendos out to everybody else. So, one light sparks another light, sparks another light, sparks another light, and that's going to — really right now with everything that's going on in the influx of energy, it's throwing people into a state of chaos. This is a really good time to be still and know. That's what they keep saying, at least. "be still, be still, be still." (whispered)

And so the more you are able to do that at this time, the more you'll be gaining some seeds of wisdom into yourself, and the more you'll be doing some good for the collective. Take some time, be good to yourselves, rest, recharge and be still. (Garbled audio — Daniel: I lost that last sentence) I said, be still and know, thou art God, to an extent, don't let it go to your head. (Daniel: yeah, beautiful) But you have a divine spark in you.

Daniel: Beautiful, beautiful. So, Zay, if somebody wanted to reach out and kind of get a deeper understanding of yourself and your work, and reach out to you, what's the best platform for them to connect with you?

Zay: Sure, yeah absolutely. So, I have two platforms if you really want to reach out to me. If you're looking to book a session or work with me or you want to catch me on a live, you can catch me on Facebook: facebook.com/Iam.ZayP or you can catch me on YouTube which is ZayPtheIAM. The YouTube is where I offer different channeled messages, readings, my own insights just through life, where there are narratives of things that I'm going through, where I give healings, energy work, I do all my free offerings really through YouTube. But then you check me out on Facebook you can come and catch me live, you can engage, you can book direct sessions or services with me. Those are the two biggest platforms you will find me at, as far as the spiritual work. Otherwise, just feel free to find me, hit me up, and you'll see what else I'm into. I've got a fatherhood platform that I've been working on. I've got my hands in a lot of stuff.

Daniel: Cool, cool, and of course I'll share Zay's contact details and his links in the description of the episode as well. So...

Zay: Thank you, beautiful, I appreciate that.

Daniel: Absolutely, absolutely. Thank you again for a lovely conversation, very interesting. I appreciate your perspectives and I look forward to continuing this conversation in the future.

Zay: I'm excited, definitely. It's a good time.

Daniel: Awesome, sounds good. OK, I'll talk to you soon.

Zay: You have a good one.

Daniel: I'll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Zay: Alright, bye. She says "Bye Danny-poo." (laughs)

Daniel: See you later Maitland. Alright.

(closing outro music begins)

Closing text: Thank you for listening. Hopefully, you've heard something new that invites you to reflect, to go within, and deepen your own understanding of life, and of our universal experience. If you enjoyed this conversation, please follow the podcast series on your favorite listening app, and share this episode with others that you feel would enjoy it as well. Until next time, may we all soar with inspiration, explore with passion and live with love. ❤️❤️❤️

(outro music fades away)


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