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Awaken Your Inner Power

"Sound healing is a tool. It's a vehicle that can get you from where you are to where you want to be...and all of these tools , these vehicles, are for us to utilize and to work with as we are empowering ourselves, and evolving into the health and life that we want. "

~ Danielle Hall

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power

Welcome to the 22nd episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Danielle Hall explore:

  • A deeper understanding of sound healing, how it relates to our well-being and more specifically what a sound bath is.
  • How the crystal bowls allows us to connect with our true essence, with honesty and go beyond our identity. 
  • The healing properties of sound, and how it's more about awakening and balancing our innate healing capacity. 
  • The science behind sound healing and examples of how it's used to help with different medical conditions.
  • The cumulative benefits of sound baths, 3, 6 and 9 times.
  • How the body learns to balance with the language of sound and to express itself for easily and more freely. 
  • The invitation to empower ourselves once we have seen something new about our awareness and existence.
  •  Virtual sound baths are also beneficial if people are unable or unwilling to attend a live sound bath. 
  • Free Sound Bath virtual experiences are available to help promote new or upcoming graduates, as part of Sound On.
  • Sound healing is a tool to help empower us and assist us in creating and shaping the life we want to live.
  • How inner power is owning what it means for each individual and it can only be defined by self.
  • How it takes courage for anyone to just be themselves.

YouTube Raw Video of Interview

Danielle Hall, Sound Healing Bath


The Sound Bath recording above was part of the session that Danielle Hall had with the
Playing with Spirit Members Community. We decided to make this part of the session available to the public so that you could experience a sound bath. 

Danielle explained after the sound bath that there are many other instruments that could have used but that she responds and adapts in the moment, based on what feels right for her to share with the group as a whole.

For additional information and another Sound Bath example (part 2 below), you can also watch/listen the Jamie Butler interviews that introduced me to Danielle Hall:

The Lighter Side Show—Sound Healing with Danielle Hall (Part 1)

The Lighter Side Show—Sound Healing with Danielle Hall (Part 2)

About Danielle Hall:

As the founder and CEO of SoundEmbrace LLC, Danielle is shifting perspectives around empowerment while leading a team of trained Sound Practitioners to elevate the sound healing industry, and serving the mental health and wellness of our communities.

With nearly a decade of experience in the field, Danielle has worked with adults and children transitioning through various traumas including PTSD, depression, sexual abuse, digestive issues, and physical pain, using specific sound tools and techniques to facilitate change in the health and wellbeing of her clients.

With her BA in Metaphysical Science, and Certification in Sound Healing Therapy Danielle has has worked with Hospitals, Corporate Wellness Programs, Therapy Centers, and Non Profits. As a member of the American Public Health Association, and the Georgia Health Association she has spoken on platforms educating on how sound as a therapy is a non invasive complementary approach to wellness. Danielle is also an advocate for musicians rights as an Associate Member of the Recording Academy.

She has been named a "Pioneer in the Sound Healing Industry" by the Shift Network and interviewed on CNN, Fox 5, and 11Alive. 

"You have a choice when it comes to your health and wellbeing.  Sound is a powerful tool that can lead to the new awareness around your challenges, and pain.  This awareness allows you to choose to empower yourself to change the trajectory of your life."  -Danielle Hall   

Website: www.SoundEmbrace.com

Instagram: Sound_Embrace




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