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Awaken Your Inner Power

"Your experience is driven by your higher self and your spiritual team. They're the ones that decide what information is going to be shared with you."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power

Welcome to the 27th episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl provides recommendations for how to get the most out of a Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey. Have it be a Past Life,
In-between Lives, or Life Between Lives spiritual regression.

In all cases, we will invite your higher self and key members of your spiritual team to communicate with us in order to help explain the meaning and significance of the Spiritual Journey experience to your current life and the lessons, purpose and challenges that you are working through in this lifetime. 

YouTube Raw Video of Interview
(Fair warning ~ the video has a lot of ums. 🙂❤️)

Daniel Martinez Stahl

Below is my list of topics to share during a Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey preparation session, which is the one I used as an outline for the content I shared in this episode. I've spoken about a few more things that are not on this list, but this should give you a fairly good idea of what is included. 

  • Hypnotherapy: Definition / Natural everyday occurrences / Control / Choice / Not sleep / Safe / Can I do it? Healing and profound but not therapy. Guided Meditation.
  • Re-experiencing your innate well-being and remembering you are Source energy.
  • Your experience is driven by your higher self and spiritual advisory team. We set the intention but we are open to whatever and however they want to share.
  • Am I making this up? Metaphor, spiritual insight (intuition) uses our imagination. Feel into the knowing of the message. Be open to whatever comes up, regardless of how fantastical it may seem.
  • Open to any and all senses, a felt sense or knowing. Allow the impressions to form.
  • Regardless of where your awareness goes and how identified you are with your experience, you can always easily and effortlessly communicate with me.
  • The more your share, the easier it will be to reconnect and remember (recording).
  • This is a dialogue, feel free to tell me what you want or feel you need throughout.
  • Natural for depth of awareness to go up an down (conscious awareness non-issue). 
  • Allow message to be revealed, give it space. The harder you try the harder it is. Be present, open and allowing; give the message room to materialize. 1st impressions.
  • Other lives, planets, dimensions, forms. Be open and receptive to anything.
  • Time is not linear. Block of lives. Experience relevant past, present or future lifetime.
  • Emotionally intense experiences. You can be self-identified or an observer. 
  • We will ask higher self and a member of your team to connect the dots.
  • Respectfully challenge resistance, to help you get the most of the experience.
  • This is a collaborative effort. I follow my intuition and guidance from both teams.

Logistics: Brakes / Comfort, warmth, lighting / wired headset.

Preparation: Hydrate, space before & after, questionnaire, agreement, meditations.

Post Session:

  • Write down what you remember while it’s still fresh on your mind. 
  • Be sure to hydrate and allow for rest afterwards.
  • Dreams, flashes and additional insights during a quiet mind.
  • Not uncommon for the human mind to try to make sense of experience.

KEY: This is an energetic experience that will deepen the connection with your higher self and spiritual team. The thinning of the perceived vail. 

About Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey:

A Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey is similar to a collaborative guided meditation that helps you to expand your awareness so that you can remember or experience the most relevant aspects of your spiritual journey that pertain to your present experience of life. Though the general process is similar for each session, the journey can take you to other lifetimes (past, present, or future), to speak with and communicate with your higher self, along with key members of your spiritual team, and explore the space in between lives. Most commonly known as Past Life Regression and In-between Lives or Life Between Lives, which is a registered name to the Michael Newton Institute.

At Life Beyond Form, our intention is to help you relax and expand your awareness so that your higher self and spiritual team are able to provide you with information and guidance, while reminding you that you are never alone and deeply loved, always. The Life Beyond Form Spiritual Journey provides with you with a first-hand experience of your innate well-being and helps remind you that you are not only an integral part of the energy of life, but are in fact Source energy. 

If you are interested in exploring and experiencing your spiritual journey, please visit my website below and send me a note. 🙂❤️

Website: www.DanielMartinezStahl.com/LifeBeyondForm

Facebook Group: The Spiritual Explorers

Instagram: @LifeBeyondForm


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