The Spiritual Intelligence Podcast
Awaken Your Inner Power

"Bring this beautiful paradox, of being all that is, as well as having an individualized sense of self, back into your current experience of life, back within the container provided by your beautiful body, which is partnering with you in this lifetime."

~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl leads a guided meditation through a journey of self-discovery that invites you to explore and experience:

  • Your connection with Gaia (Mother Earth), the Universe and the paradox of being all that is and also independent. 
  • Your four energetic bodies:
    Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.
  • Your nine primary chakras with the invitation to feel and resonate with the energy and light of each one. 
  • A brief reunion with a member of your spiritual team of guides and loved ones.

YouTube Video of Guided Meditation

Daniel Martinez Stahl

First of all, Jamie has an amazing laminated chart that provides simple and clear information about each chakra along with ways to support, nourish and balance each chakra. You can find this chart on Jamie's website:


If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of the nine chakras in this meditation, I would strongly recommend you look at the videos listed below, created by Jamie Butler, who is one of Daniel's teachers and mentors. 

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Earth Chakra

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Root Chakra

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Sacral Chakra

The Lighter Side Show-Energy: Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Heart Chakra

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Throat Chakra

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Third Eye Chakra

The Lighter Side Show—Energy: Your Crown Chakra

The Lighter Side Show- Energy: Your Higher Consciousness Chakra


About Daniel Martinez Stahl:

In addition to the standard description found below, Daniel created this guided meditation as a way for people to experience a deeper understanding of who they are as both spirt and body. By guiding the listener through a journey of self-discovery, this guided meditation is designed to not only educate but also to align and help balance our four energetic bodies and our nine primary chakras. Of course with the support and assistance of the spiritual team, that is ever present and always offering love and support. 

Website: www.DanielMartinezStahl.com


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