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Awaken Your Inner Power

 "That's where the choice is for me, I'm just not going to jump on any bus that comes to my bus stop, because it's going to take me to wrong end of town, I'm going to wait until a better bus comes along. A bus that is going to take me to a better part, to the part of town I want to be in." 

~ Lori Carpenos

Spiritual Intelligence Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power

Welcome to the 19th episode of the Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Podcast ~ Awaken Your Inner Power ~ where Daniel Martinez Stahl and Lori Carpenos explore:

  • How a single thought has the power to transform our experience of life at every moment. 
  • How resiliency is in ourselves, that's our innate health.
  • How much easier it is for us to get worked up with people that mean something to us, and how we have more understanding of those that are not in our inner circle.
  • Love, a simple description of what it is and pragmatic ways to recognize love all around us and within us all the time.
  • The simplicity offered by the Three Principles to understand every aspect of our human experience and existence itself.
  • Transformative insights that changed them about how life works and the way they were each innocently using their mind against themselves.

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Individual - Family Counseling Therapist - LMFT - West Hartford CT

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I've decided to share some additional quotes that I pulled from what Lori Carpanos said during our conversation (and below them are also some resources that we commented on, which we would both recommend):

"We have the power to choose which direction we want to go in, so that inner power to me includes a free will and an ability to understand how to use our free will, or how to use the Principles, to the best of our ability."

"I had one thought that separated my bad mood, and now I am in glee...every human has that capacity, to bounce back so much — resiliency it built into us, that's our innate health, we are built to bounce back when we are not so focused on a negative thought."

"I make that choice to quiet down out of a knowing that being riled up and upset and angry is not the answer. It's not the direction that I want to head in."

"That's where the choice is for me, I'm just not going to jump on any bus that comes to my bus stop, because it's going to take me to wrong end of town, I'm going to wait until a better bus comes along. A bus that is going to take me to a better part, to the part of town I want to be in."

"Having the full range of the human experience is awesome. In other words, not judging good, bad, high, low, up, down. Not judging it, just experiencing it — and knowing that I don't have to feed the lows, they don't last very long, I get them, but they don't last long."

"The words interesting and curiosity stand out for me. I love those two words. When I get curious about how this is happening, when I get intrigued, even by a bad feeling. Like, 'this is really cool.' to be in the midst of what we typically would label as a bad feeling...I think it has to do with not letting the feeling rule us, like having the experience of a bad feeling rather than the bad feeling having us."

"It is not on me to make the life that I think I'm supposed to have happen."

"When you settle down more in life and you get into the flow if life, life unfolds for you, we don't have to plan for it...life just gets delivered."

"We're in the cusp of a paradigm shift, that is just, wow! You know, wow! When you think about the future of people really honoring the innate health in people, without labeling people, without psychiatric labels, that to me is, wow!  That I would be able to experience this starting to happen in my lifetime, that's a big WOW!"

Check out the following websites for more information:



And Lori's book that she recommended to Daniel:

"The Secret of Love" and her other Books

Somebody Should Have Told Us!: Simple Truths for Living Well, by Jack Pransky


About Lori Carpenos:

Lori Carpenos is a licensed marriage and family therapist, Three Principles Practitioner, and mentor for other therapists and coaches wanting to share the Principles in their practice. She is the coauthor of “The Secret of Love; Unlock the Mystery, Unleash the Magic,” “Healthy Thinking, Feeling, Doing, From the Inside-Out” and the author of “It’s an Inside-Out World”. (Information about all her books) Currently, she has a global tele-health practice and she runs the Mystery School (see below), an online program focused on exploring the teachings of Sydney Banks. 

The Mystery School...Step into the Mystery…

What makes us tick? How can we find deeper love and peace of mind? What is the secret to feeling confident, and secure even when the going gets tough? Throughout time, these questions have beckoned us to ‘Mystery Schools’ - conversations about the spiritual, the invisible, about our essence. This school studies the teachings of Sydney Banks, who was handed the keys to the divine mystery in 1973.

You can learn much more about Lori and all the things she is doing by visiting her website.

Website: www.3PrinciplesTherapy.com

Books: "The Secret of Love" and her other Books

Facebook: 3PrinciplesTherapy

Instagram: lori.3principles

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/mbl299/playlists


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SORRY...the transcript of the Episode (PDF) is NOT YET available


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